Flash Card READ problems Cant setup new SET

I removed my flash card with the OT on with an open project. Now when I try to insert a flash card it seems to no read the card, I don’t hear the “click” when inserting the sands and can not open a new SET. Any suggestions of how to solved this problem?

Thank you!


Cards supporting UDMA and at least 133x (~20MB/s) for both reads and writes are compatible with the Octatrack MKII. Cards must be FAT16 or FAT32 formatted, preferably FAT32. Up to 64 GB Compact Flash cards are supported.

Never remove the card while data is being read or written to the it. Doing so might cor- rupt files and data. The card should only be removed when the LED is dimmed green and shines with a steady light.

Only to avoid asking the same question in four threads again :thup: please !

If it were me, i’d clone the card as a backup then erase it and restore what appeared to be fine, then see where that left me


I don’t hear the click when inserting the flash card, so I try to be gentle with it, but it seems like the “software application” activity of the OT is “troubleshooting” in the sense that remember the exact project I was in with the slot in static machine without reading the flash card. I contact Elektron I don’t know if need replacement the flash card reader or reinstall “application” . So sad…

they’ll give you the best advice to minimise your issues for sure - best to await their response before trying anything (especially what i said)

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thank you for your support!

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