Five 'desert island' albums


Wow! I never run into anybody that knows SotL- that album was great! They definitely stopped making music when they were on the top of their game. Which is as admirable as it is sad


They’re great, ‘the Tired sounds of is my favourite’ though admit I haven’t listened to them for a few years. Great to drift off to sleep to.


When I was younger I did a little bit of nutmeg from time to time(yes you can get high off of it)

The first time I did it, I played my iPod on shuffle and SotL popped up and I felt like I was flying- it was the best.

However, after that song finished, Merzbow came on and ruined everything.

However, I always listened to Stars of the Lid whenever I was deep in the throes of the first nights high(it normally lasted for about 3 days) and it always felt like I was flying.

The other two days it would be Aphexs RDJ album and Sufjan Stevens Illinois album which always felt very magical


Uh how so? Headphase cover to me is a cop out. A bite of their own style. Lack of ideas. Headphase is also their weakest effort.

Geo is a masterpiece. Tied with Music has, but with a diff vibe.

Every time i try to give Headphase a go i cant get past track 9. The album frustrates the shit out of me.

Ugh…sorry for rant. That album pisses me off SO MUCH.

Maquarie Ridge on the japanese release of Headphase, however, is awesome. And Oscar See Through Red Eye sounds like it was a cut from Geo, that survived and made it onto Headphase. Oscar has the Geo vibe.


I was just talking about their album art. I can’t get too deep into Headphase either.

Though, after a few listens I can kinda appreciate it a little bit more. Def Music Has and Geo were much more immediately satisfying


The art on Geo is amazing. Demons hidden in the trees…messages in the stills. The art ties in with In a Beautiful Place. EP of the century.

Everything about that album [Geo] is an easter egg hunt.


I’ve never looked that deep into it. You’re right(I’m not seeing the demons though)

How does it tie in with Beautiful Place(yeah, I’ve listened to that ep on infinite repeat)


Hidden messages in art, track times, track names, in the tracks themselves, lead up ep to Geo.
Felt like the cutting room floor tracks of Geo compiled for the EP.

Stopping this…derailing thread topic. :slight_smile:


Picking five albums was super hard. Many of the albums that I consider classics aren’t necessarily what I would I want to listen to currently, so I decided to just select albums that had a huge impact on me for different reasons (ie my music making interests/perceptions in taste)

Lee Scratch Perry- Return of the Super Ape
Black Dice- Creature Comforts
Arthur Russell - World of Echo
Sir Victor Uwaifo- Jackpot
Prefab Sprout- Protest Songs
Oneohtrix Point Never- R plus 7

Just realized there’s 6. Oh well.


This Heat - Deceit
Muslimgauze - Beyond the Blue Mosque
Skeptics - Amalgam
something by Mahmoud Ahmed
The Fall - maybe R.O.D.


Boris - Amplifier Worship
The Microphones - The Glow Pt. 2
Björk - Vespertine
Philip Glass - Einstein on the Beach
Spiritualized - Ladies and Gentlemen We are Floating in Space


But what about Tomorrow’s Harvest?


What about it?


Lol so many authors and albums I never heard about. All of this will expand my little universe immensely… will check them out!


Steve Hillage - Fish Rising
Steve Hillage - Rainbow Dome Musick
BOC - Tomorrow"s Harvest
JMJ - Equinox
The Damned - Machine Gun Etiquette


it‘s a great album


Its good. To me, feels forced at times repetitive. Pretty much a new soundtrack for Dawn of the Dead.

Reach for the Dead being a standout…but it too feels like a Geogaddi cut that had enough love to hang on for a release it could fit into.

I wonder if theyll put anything out as BoC anymore or just fade out.


“Is it better to burn out than to fade away??”


Main one: D’Angelo - Voodoo


Already confirmed semi-official word it’s otw. I try and let each of their LP’s stand on their own, they each have a place and time, all of them. geogaddi was my 1st taste so I don’t have the fondness of Music Has Rights as some of the older BoCheads do. I can see how TCH is a brief moment of brightness in their catalog and I’ve read it was intentional. TH is a soundtrack of an 80’s film with bits of real 80’s films as sample material. Reach the Dead’s intro didgeridoo’s are from a major 80’s film soundtrack, as well as the intro strings on the last track, also sampled off of a major film release. I have no idea where they’ll go next…