Fist time octatrack buyer should i get MK1 or MK2

Hi there i am planning on getting an o.t .My anxiety about getting one until now has been about sample file management ,is this improved in the mk2.?.. i heard there mk 1 has a lot of menu diving for that…Is sample file management as easy as the Digitakt ? on the MK2.? thanks .sorry for nobody questions or if this has been answered already …just want to be clear on either a 2nd hand mk 1 or a new MK2

It is exactly the same on MKII afaik

Getting a MKI and learning it is easy. Just the vuffer has to be saved, muscle memory after 10x


Second hand mk2 is the best deal imho.

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I’d say file management is much easier with OT MKI and MKII, because you don’t need any app ! Easy sample organisation and very fast copy directly on the card, any operating system.

On OT, file loading in slots doesn’t seem more complicated. Major difference : 2 type of slots.
Static slots for long samples read directly on the CF card, and Flex slots for short sal0les loaded in the RAM for intensive mangling.

Having owned a few Mk1s and now on to a Mk2 I would say hunt down a second hand Mk2 personally. There is enough small improvements in the UI experience to make it worthwhile in my opinion. But, I would watch a load of videos and make up your own mind if the £200-£300 difference is worth your pennies. If coming to the OT completely fresh then you might not notice much difference at all! I just feel that the changes are subtle enough to make the OT mk2 more playable/fun but that’s a very subjective point of view.

As for sample management, again, I think that depends on the individual. If you like being super organised and borderline anal about how you save and manage your samples then in some ways the OT will be an nightmare. I’m talking about sampling directly to the OT there. If you don’t really give a shit where you save stuff down or how you name things (my approach!) then it’s fairly quick. And, of course, if you stick the OT into USB mode you can manage samples very easily via a computer in any case.


How it would be worth than DT?

I use the option Save to Project Directory, so it is not that messy. :slight_smile:
You can also create folders, copy files after saving with the integrated File Manager.

Actually misread the OP and completely missed the DT comment some how.

Again I’d say it depends on the user. If keeping things simple then it isn’t any worse but both DT and OT aren’t exactly drag and drop friendly if used to computers! And the OT always struck me as a machine that’s very easy to be overwhelmed with if you let it!

From memory, and it’s a little hazy here, one thing I did prefer with the DT was that you could really mess about with a sample on one slot across various tracks. To replicate some of that on the OT you kind of have to load a sample into several slots. Probably not explaining that well and very more than likely missing a trick or two in terms of OT use. Would be good to hear if I’m talking shit there actually haha! More than likely :frowning: haha

It might depend on how you want to use your samples. What’s your purpose for organising them? For samples you are transferring onto your OT, organise them on the PC first then drag them over to the Audio Pool folder on your OT CF card.
For samples recorded with the OT, you do have to remember to save them or else it’s easy to lose them. You’ll lose samples enough times until you remember how annoying it is and get in the habit of saving them! I have Mk1 (bought at reduced price when the mk2 came out) and I am completely new to this kind of machine (last sampler was MPC2000XL!) and it didn’t take that long to work this out- keep the manual handy.

This might help: Organize/save ur own samples


You mean changing the sample start/end in DT ? You can do that with OT, with Trim, 8 tracks playing same sample slot. Not sure if it’s that you meant…

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It probably is in all honesty. The DT was a little more intuitive in terms of how my head works! I’ll look into using trim more though, cheers!

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