First note on first page does not play


i have a 64 step sequence, with a trig on the first note of every page. when i hit play, the first note does not play, but once the pattern repeats, that note does play.
Somebody know what’s wrong?


maby you press first stop and dann play ?!


Think i found it. I set micro-timing of the note exactly to zero and now everything is OK.


I’ve ran into this a couple times too, I think it does have to do with micro timing but my trig deff wasn’t early so I’ll investigate further. Were you sending play from another device or Digi standalone? I was sending play from a4 when it happened to me but it wasn’t happening when I would hit play on Digi instead


Might you have live recorded the pattern without quantize? I think this could end up with a micro nudged first trig, which as you experienced won’t play the first cycle…




Is anyone still experiencing this? I’m on the latest update and still appears to be happening.


Yes I am.
I is safer to nudge it +1 to the right
Sometime I notice it does sound but the velocity or volume is very low too