First note always fading in


I don’t know what the hell I’ve done but regardless of whether I’m just playing the notes manually or playing back a pattern, the first note always fades in as but then after that it’s fine. Even with a completely blank pattern/sound and the sequencer not running.

  • On both the amp and filter the attack is set to zero and the lfo’s are turned off.

  • If i hold down a note it will fade in; if I press another note whilst this is held down (regardless of in mono or poly) then that note will sound immediately. All other subsequent notes will also sound immediately. Take a finger off… first note will always fade in again (in poly mode, all 2-4 notes will fade in together if they are the first being played)

  • I have cycled through all envelope shapes and the same thing always happens.

  • If I increase the amp attack (to say 50), it will fade in, and then suddenly drop out and fade in again (as though there is a second note trigger). If I press another note whilst this is held down then that note will come in with the normal attack and no drops.

Anyone come across this? I cannot figure out what I’ve done.


Compressor? :thinking:


Whoops, I thought this was about AR… :smile:


Are you sure that all DST & DEP settings for both LFOs are set to “META:None” and 0 respectively?

Are you sure the DEP settings for both filters are set to 0?

Amplitude Modulation AM1 and AM2 under OSC2 (second page) both turned to off?

FAD settings under OSC1(second page), OSC2(second page) and for both LFOs set to none(x)?