Finally, the perfect mixer? [Allen & Heath QuPac]


How happy you are with screen? I noticed when I press to screen there are some “waves” or don’t know how to call it, like you push your laptop screen…
Of course it’s not so important, sound is the no 1, just asking :slight_smile:


The pressure waves are normal behavior, as it takes a bit of pressure to register the touch.
Nothing to worry about.

I think I may sell my Qu-Pac, however. Letting go of my Analog Keys means the Qu-Pac is a bit overkill for my OT MKII, Digitone, and Monologue.
I’ll sure miss the per channel fully parametric eq/compression, and scene save/load though.


Thanks Adam, I appreciate your answer!


So tempting for my little hardware studio. Seems like the perfect no-computer solution but can still pipe it all into the computer when I want to.


Does anyone use ALT out for monitors? Seems to be good idea because ALT out have physical volume button.

But I have small issue with ALT out. I can hear whistle noise (from monitors) when ALT volume is turned to zero or if nothing is playing or playing quietly. I discovered when I turn a bit down display brightness this noise goes away. Also it goes away 15-20 minutes after boot. Like it needs some kind of warming up…
Haven’t you noticed this?


I was looking at this or the Qu-16, but now, for the price, I’m leaning towards to Soundcraft Signature 22 MTK. It’s so hard to decide.


In the Qudrive Knowledbase it says this: ´Format the hard drive on the Qu mixer before each use. This clears the drive, sets up the Qu directory structure, and formats into FAT32 with a constant cluster size of 32kB.`

What does that mean? Everytime you record? Everytime you finished a recording session and are turning the unit off? Does that mean attaching a hard disk is overkill and it’s better to just get a small USB-flashdrive? Each use seems very vague. What’s peoples experience with recording and the Qu-drive here?


Just need to format it before first use. Not each and every time.

Best process is format on computer as FAT-32, then use Qu Pac to format it for Qu.
Then you should be good to go!


Allright thanks! I’ll be buying a flashdrive this evening.


Check the Qu forums for the list of tested drives.
I used a Jetflash 710 32GB without any issues. Nice and small physical size too.


Yeah I found that list already. It’s on my Phone for when I go shopping. But thanks for the recommendation.


Qu Mixer Reference Guide p.54 states the following :

Just so that you guys know :slight_smile:

I will use the QuPac next weekend to record multitrack a 4 hours live session (I intend to do several different recordings, and test it this week beforehand oc).
Do you know if it is possible to record both multitrack and main stereo ?
I can’t seem to see if it’s possible, so far.

EDIT: nevermind, seems it does it. To be tested tomorrow :tongue:



I reckon it depends on the type of recording you are doing, eh? Long shows, or 10 tracks of live electronic music in the studio?

I always did the latter, never the former, and only formatted once without issue.


Sure :slight_smile:
In my case, the target is more multitrack recording of several long live sessions…
Worth keeping this point in mind then!


You don’t need to route it to an interface as it IS an interface with rather good converters.

There are ways to control it from outside, but so far I’ve found the little screen rather ok.

Got one for a little bit above 1k€, couldn’t resist !


You can perfectly do multitrack recording up to 18 channels.
And you can use some of the other channels to play back what’s on the USB key.
I haven’t tried it yet but that’s where I am in the manual :wink:
I should try it tomorrow to prepare Saturday live session recording though !

You should look at the MIDI implementation for the automation part.


19! =)


Iirc you can stream the 16 first channels and the main out to the QuDrive (aka the USB key).
What is this 19th channel you have in mind ?


Perhaps I was being dense and missed that the ‘usb’ being mentioned was to record via qu-drive… I was referring to the usb stream so you’d have the 16 regular inputs and ST1, 2, and 3 that can all be recorded in a daw. The stream itself allows even more if you have one of those d-snake boxes with more inputs (32 in 32 out)

edit: just double-checked the manual… qu-drive is good for up to 32 channels as well. 19 are on the actual 'Pac itself with the st 1,2,3.


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