Finally, the perfect mixer? [Allen & Heath QuPac]


Will be very helpful for Logic users, good work.


It should work for any DAW actually that has VST / AU support.


Even better! I’ll give it a go with Live.


Came up with a way to do it direct from Ctrlr without the need of Midi translator using NRPN messages. It’s gonna be some work to change all this…


Was considering a QU-SB to replace old Analogue Mixer / Focusrite setup, but this is a breaker for me. I use my current Soundcraft mixer to route things out to the AH and back in. Damn…

Thanks so much for the insight in this thread though.


Here’s the updated example that requires only Ctrlr to work.

It now uses NRPN as described in the MIDI manual. It’s one way only, not reading the values from the Qu-Pac back. I’m still figuring out how to do that.

Qu-Pad.panel (876.0 KB)


Has anyone been successful sending midi program change from the octatrack to effect scene change on the Qu Pac?

Is essentially any midi host capable or are there some minimum requirements? (Ideally I would hook up to my parva’s midi host at zero cost. (It takes the same program change messages from OT.))


anyone using their qupac with a tablet?

if so, how do you like it?

the onboard interface is fantastic, but i can see how/why having a tablet to interface with it could help with workflow.


Hell on sticks, missed this thread, 3xMX-1’s? I never thought of that!
You still rocking that route?
I like the q-Pac but the price has halted that river crossing.


Yes still using the 3 mx-1, it makes sense with the Roland boutiques I have and I think they are priced quite keenly, and they are quite fun to use.

There are a few things I do not like about them though, the styling is a bit “Las Vegas”, the midi implementation is quite comprehensive except that the big fx amount knob has no cc control, and for some stupid reason midi is not throughput from din midi to usb aside from clock, also power from usb is only available at one port, so using the boutiques with it means using usb power splitter cables which is a bit of a PITA.

The mfx are pretty good, a few very unique ones are tucked away, and the UI is close to perfect for me, and I have no complaints about the sound.


I have not found a need for using a tablet. I guess it is convenient for remote control bit if you sit near it, everything is there and easily changed. There is a learning curve with this mixer and I have changed things a couple of times as I got to understand the QuPac better but the large number of ways by which you can use it, makes it so good. No need for a tablet, in my view.


Hah! Las Vegas! Roland do have a habit of strange omissions from the os, often tucked away for the intrepid user to find, usually when it’s too late.
Can defo see the merits of rocking 3 mxs though, thanks for your reply!


I’d second that - a tablet isn’t going to give you physical faders or anything, just another touch screen. The Qu-PAC is easy to find your way around natively. I’ve never bothered with the rigmarole of hooking up a tablet.


I got an iPad just to control the qu-pac! (The other music apps are a bonus)

I absolutely love it. Setting up the custom layer is really nice and easy and makes my routings for what goes out to OT, Heat, and my other mixes so fast!

It has turned my qu-pac into what I need it to be.

When my iPad was stolen just over a month ago I was so bummed not to have it. It really set me back. Picking the channel, selecting the routing, sending only one channel at a time… It was boring.

(I’ve since replaced it and am sailing smooth again)

For routing to my sends alone, the qu-control app redefines my qu’ experience. I can send anything anywhere and it’s a breeze


Did anyone consider the ME-1 as interface for the Qu Pac? Would that work ? It doesnt give full control over all parameters, but would it be possible to configre the main mix from it ?


please delete, solved


Not sure if the 710S you bought is the same as the 710 I have and has been reported by A&H to be compatible (and I haven’t had any problems either).

But have you also formatted it on the A&H?

My process was to format it on the Mac first, as FAT-32, then format it on the Qu series itself.

Then it should work.


just got it to work, not sure what was wrong, I did try and format in qupac before but it sent error message, i just did a first aid and erase on mac and now it works, great now I can use it after having it here for 2 months in a box

all good, thanks for the response


Dayum, after sitting on the fence these past two years, I am finally coming to the conclusion that switching to a qupac is inevitable for me… The 12MTK has been aight but my needs in terms of parametric eq and channel count have grown to the point where it just isnt enough anymore…

I’ll be sure to get one with an extended warranty (one seller offers up to 5 years!)

Parallel processing woes matter not as I plan to wrap things up in a DAW anyway… Just need a sensible environment for easily multitracking with proper eq and with enough channels.


That’s exactly what i use it for.

I track into the DAW with a huge buffer for added stability (as my studio Mac Pro is now 10 years old!), but it’s no big deal since the Qu-Pac is a digital mixer, so monitoring from it means no latency, with 22 analog inputs!