Filter Bypass Automation



I would like to automate bypassing of the filter, also known as filter on/off. :slight_smile: Does anyone know how to do that? I can’t find Filter Bypass in the parameters section in Ableton.

Thanks in advance for your time and have a great day!


If you can’t find it in the Overbridge settings (I have a feeling this is what you meant, controlling the Analog Heat in Ableton via Overbridge), I’m sure you could record what you do on the unit itself. Hit record in Ableton & turn it on/off on the unit itself if you can’t find it in Overbridge. I would be surprised if this didn’t work, all though I haven’t tried myself yet (I’ve been using mine with hardware)…I’m installing Overbridge soon tho! Hopefully this works for you…


Thanks Sharris! Yes that’s what I mean, automating filter on/off via Overbridge. I will try to just record it while pressing the buttons manually and see what happens. I’ll post my findings here.


Sounds good, doesn’t work :slight_smile:

I’ve tried it but it doesn’t record activating/deactivating the filter.


spdk, I’m a new user but have managed to work out how to record and play back filter sweeps with the Heat.
I’ve got the Heat as an Overbridge plugin in Groove Agent SE.

I have then created a new MIDI track for the Heat control changes.

In the Heat MIDI settings on page 18 of the manual, change Param Output to CC.
Encoder Destintion needs to be changed to Int and Ext
Param Input needs to have a tick next to it.

I then just recorded the MIDI CC messages and the unit responds on playback. I hope this helps man.