Favorite glitch records?



re5et may appreciate this. Years ago (15 or so) I booked Funkstörung for some shows in the US. On one tour they had a Korg KP2 on the tech rider which was the only thing we didn’t have. I bought one for them and asked that they sign and tag it. They laughed about the idea but were kind enough to oblige and asked if I planned to ebay it. I said no, of course, and still own it to this day. I have one Korg KP2, as new and with all original packing, autographed by Funkstörung. It was used once on stage. Chris and Michael will probably remember this if they happen upon this thread. They were a joy to work with.


I haven’t listened to Disconnected in too long!


Lots of clever meticulous programming , nice production .


Lots of great suggestions here, folks! Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: Keep them coming!

A few more favorites from me:


I’m relistening to this. Amazing how fresh it still sounds. In some ways people are just now catching up to it.


Love his first two records. so great


Can’t have a glitch thread without Yasunao Tone.


Have you heard any of his delarosa and asora releases- it’s even more towards the glitchy side. If I’m not mistaken- around his more inspirational era- at least “Agony Part 1”


no. thanks for that, will listen to it.
but it‘s not the glitch that I love about his first records, it‘s the amazing hip hop grooves and great sample digging :slight_smile:



̸̱̩̰̥̯͔̫̦̪̤͔̩͔̝͓̜̮͍͍̙̪͍̯͖̤͎̖̀͟͡ͅ——— ̸̱̩̰̥̯͔̫̦̪̤͔̩͔̝͓̜̮͍͍̙̪͍̯͖̤͎̖̀͟͡ͅ–—-— ̸̱̩̰̥̯͔̫̦̪̤͔̩͔̝͓̜̮͍͍̙̪͍̯͖̤͎̖̀͟͡ͅ
@Syl_Kougai is a killer, master of Elektron machines !

̸̱̩̰̥̯͔̫̦̪̤͔̩͔̝͓̜̮͍͍̙̪͍̯͖̤͎̖̀͟͡ͅ——-———— ̸̱̩̰̥̯͔̫̦̪̤͔̩͔̝͓̜̮͍͍̙̪͍̯͖̤͎̖̀͟͡ͅ—––_-–––- ̸̱̩̰̥̯͔̫̦̪̤͔̩͔̝͓̜̮̀͟͡
More sources there :


I’m still dealing with this horrific/tremendous loss.

I just can’t believe this amazing source has been lost…



Nice. Thanks. :slight_smile: Keep 'em coming folks, not the worst thread to have been revived ever, to say the least. :slight_smile:


Yes indeed.
Your words my thoughts…
Yet, in every listening the memory of qebrus persists.


True! Those first two albums were absolutely magical- I keep trying to listen to his newer albums- while some are pretty good, they don’t reach the level of those first two.

savath & savalas’ “Folk Songs For Trains, Trees & Honey” is probably up there as well as far as reaching that level as well. It’s pretty close that same style(while being a little bit lighter on the hip-hop side, but still feels present to me in some way)


how about bola - mauver?


Nice. That’s prefuse? Cool. Sounds like 90’s Mouse on Mars. :slight_smile:


I love this record…


this here changed everything for me: