Favorite glitch records?


What are some of your favorite glitch tracks/records/albums? I’d love to discover something I haven’t already heard.

Here’s a track from one of my favorite glitch records, Twerk’s “Living vicariously through burnt bread”.


SND - Atavism

Ryoji Ikeda - dataplex


Ah, yes, Ryoji Ikeda is ace! Thanks for the reminder! :smiley:


Ha! Twerk (Sean) is a friend of mine. I’ll tell him about this thread the next time I see him. :slight_smile:


Nice! Last I heard he’s only mastering other people’s work now? Tell him to start recording again! He’s bloody amazing. :smiley:


I’ve never heard of this glorious album before! Thank you!


Kid606 - PS. You Love me

and for glitch ambient his Soccergirl EP



Ui. Nice thread


Easy …

Jim O’Rourke : I’m Happy, and I’m Singing, and a 1, 2, 3, 4.

… a taste …


I hate to be obvious, but I gotta go Prefuse 73 on this:


Amazing track.

Reminds me:


You are correct. He ascended to the mastering realm. A serious craftsman.

The mastering thread in this forum was a difficult read for me. So much misguided ignorance disguised as expertise was on parade. It’s nice to know people who are the opposite of that.


Homeboy performed in San Francisco recently. Surround sound and heavy visuals. I’m a lyrical dum-dum for not buying a ticket.



I’m not one to judge- I passed up on an Oren Ambarchi show a couple years ago.

Remedios the Beauty, my brother. It doesn’t matter if live music doesn’t make sense- I still should have gone


Damn! How did I forget about Apparat?!


Was one of my favourite artists. The first few records and Eps are amazing. Don’t dig his latest stuff too much


Same. While I admire the desire to explore new terrains, everything past Duplex was a decline.


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Michael fakesh
Forgotten the rest that I like.