Faderfox UC4

Bitstream is a total pain to work with by most accounts.

Have you used one?

I wasn’t even aware of the Bitstream until now. It certainly looks like a good controller if you have a use for all the extra controls.
As for the UC4, it is completely solid and easy to program from the unit. The faders are small, but surprisingly usable.
I’ve got it set up with faders controlling track levels on my Digitakt through the MIDi port, the buttons and crossfader controlling a couple of loopers in Ableton and the encoders controlling a few plugins via the USB connection.
It’s always worked perfectly.


Mine arrives Monday!

No but researched it very heavily a few years ago as it seems a super powerful dream controller. The programming sounded like more work than I was prepared to take on.

I would be interested if any OS came out to improve this aspect.