Faderfox UC4 <3 Octatrack?

Hmm, just got myself an UC4…a little unimpressed. Somehow i was under the impression that the case was metal but it´s actually plastic and its so light, that the case moves when using the crossfader. Bummer, might send it back to try a midi fighter twister.
Could anyone compare those?

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I Velcro’d mine to a surface. Sorted that right out. It sits next to a new launchpad mini and digitone, all the same length. Very pleasing.

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Is the UC4 useful for live purposes? I want to control the amp and fx levels of the midi-tracks. Does this also work in different banks?

Yes, it lets you control all midi controllable parameters of the Octatrack. Check the manual, Appendix C1 Midi Control Reference for CC# of the parameters.



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the MF twister is great. it’s also plastic with rubbery bits, but feels really nice and solid. I personally like setting it up so that the knobs are super sensitive (for fast 0-127 throws), but pressing-and-twisting the knob will allow for fine adjustment

I like using mine to control mod wheel / BC inputs to the digitone:

Hi, just trying to get my head around this.
I have my uc4 controlling various OT parameters. I’m changing patterns using a drum pad connected to ableton, which sends prog changes to OT but getting nasty level jumps /cuts when changing parts.

Do you know if it’s possible to send the cc61 send request on ableton sciences, so the OT effectively constantly stays the current state?

Does that make sense?

Be grateful if you could help, just programmed a live set and this is feckin the whole system!

Did you ever work this out, getting nasty parameter jumps everytime I change part?

Parts have completely different saved states that do not read from whatever part you’re switching from. No matter how fast you try to compensate, a part will always load with the levels previously saved. This is all track and parameter information. Is it possible to keep the part the same on your prog changes? Meaning, is there a way to use the same part rather than needing to switch? Are you switching over to a different set of machines?

As I’m typing this, I’m also thinking that you might mean, you’re getting jumps after changing parts, then using the UC4, and need to send CC61 before touching a knob or slider on the UC4? I’ve got CC61 assigned to an otherwise unused push function of a knob… as soon as I switch to a new part, I hit it so that my UC4 knows to pick up the value rather than jump. It’s important that the OT MUST be playing rather than stopped in order to correctly receive CC61 and send out current parameter values.

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Hi thanks for getting back to me.

Sounds like what I’m trying to achieve is not possible.

I’m using the uc4 to control /mix live and when the parts change the levels do not correspond. I was hoping the cc 61 might match the parameters on part changes.

Unfortunately I need the parts, as I have various things sliced for different parts of arrangements.

Kinda stuck, as faderfox is basically redundant unless I can find a work around.


CC61 will not tell the OT to change to a controller’s values. It tells the OT to relate all parameter values back out to a controller.

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OK thanks for the info, appreaciate the response.

Shame there is no work around with parts, also makes the faderfox a bit pointless for me, as I bought it to make transitions more fluid and in the moment live, rather than all automated. Frustrating.

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There are controllers that can send snapshots of all values. So OT would change to how values are set on the controller. Never tried that with my OT. Guess it should work, though.

A midi controller with endless rotary encoders and/or motor faders could send CC61 to imediately adjust its values to reflect the current state after you changed to a new part.

Potentiometers/faders can’t do that.

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This is what i do, and the best workaround.

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I have a faderfox Mx12 which does snapshots, works OK between songs/banks but need something to send which is ideally automated or when I hit my drum trigger when changing parts, so it is super quick and seamless.
Hoping to use uc4 live as smaller.

Wondered if there was a workaround to send the info from uc4 to OT via ableton but can’t seem to find a way.
Did manage to send the cc61 but seemed to just scramble a load of settings.

Thinking I’m going to have to reprogram my set with a single part, which is a shame, as really time consuming and makes OT less playable live.

Yeah, but there is now way a midi controller with potentiometers/faders could adjust its values over midi.
The pots/faders can only move if you move them.

If you want that, you’d need a controller with endless rotary encoders and/or motor faders.
Behringer BCR2000/BCF2000, Midi Fighter Twister etc.

Behringer BCR2000 even can send out CC61 when you change a preset on the controller.

Thanks… I don’t need the faders to match move to OT settings, I need the OT to match where my faders are on part change.

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Im looking to pick up 2 of these, a uc4 for the octatrack and maybe an ec4 for my virus. Basically just want to be sure its a good value before I go for it. I hate having to go into each track to make small adjustments or go into mix just to mute a track while im in midi mode so to have it all in a little device would be great.

I suppose for the virus I would need a midi merge to mix the octatrack and virus midi messages as well?

The EC4 can merge it’s midi input with it’s own messages.

So if you don’t want to use EC4 for the OT, you could go:
UC4 -> OT-in | OT-out -> EC4 -> VIRUS

Just saw the UC4 can do this as well, awesome!