Factory Library on Flash card


Hey there. I received the factory library for the OT1 from Electron and the content from Loopmasters. The content is located in folders called ‘Presets’ (from both Electron as LM). I placed the folders together asl shown on the picture. How should I place the content on the CF card in order for the OT to be able to run the demo projects?


Lucky you. I contacted Support to request the factory content and they told me to register my octatrack to get it. I registered my OT, and the website told me to contact support to get the content. WTF. Fortunately, I had a decent library of samples to throw in the OT for now, so I’m not missing the factory stuff that much. Ok, rant over.

As far as I remember, the demo mode does not require the CF card, it’s all built into the memory on the device (OT). The way you have the files shown there is perfect for OT. The file browser on the device is pretty well structured.


yes, so you register the unit, then you contact support, then they send you the content.

I have all the samples of my Maschine factory library on the OT… but that’s a lot of hits. I like to play around with loops. So I wanted the Loopmasters library. It all works! thanks for your answer…


Ah ha. How do get the loopmasters stuff? Do you have to contact them separately? I could go for more loops than one shots.


yes, I contacted studio@loopmasters.com and sent them a copy of the invoice of the OT. Within 2 days I had a WT link.


Ah, I bought mine second hand, I guess I’m out of luck.


Bought mime used too. But with am invoice.