Factory Bank A and B protected?

i’m trying to overwrite Bank A and B with my own saved sysex banks but it’ll only allow it on the other banks.

is there a way to lift the bank protection?

any help appreciated.


I dont know digitone, but in sound manager pressing [RIGHT] you have access to a menu where you can toggle on/off write protection. Maybe for digitone is the same.

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ok i tried that and it removed the padlock icon from each individual sound yet when i try a sysex dump bank A and B show “0” available slots.

Now you have to remove the sounds in bank A and B first.


ah cool. thanks!

the easiest way (if you haven`t uploaded or created hundrets of sounds) is to go to:

  • global settings
  • sound
  • sound browser
  • press right
  • select all
  • all sounds will have a checkmark near it. now you will have to manually deselect all additional sounds you created or uploaded, which are not write protected. (go to a sound and press yes)
  • press right again
  • toggle (lock symbol)

the reason why you need to deselect all sounds that are not write protected, is that it will change them to write protected if you don’t. hope you understand, took me a while…