External synth output into one M:S track

I have recently bought a Novation Circuit Mono Station and my goal is to have its sound output into one M:S track. Not sure if this can achieved via MIDI or maybe this requires some other connection

I am totally novice in this kind of things. I have been reading both M:S & NMS manuals and tried some connections, but I am not sure if I understand the concepts here. I am very sorry if this kind of questions are repetitive, or they have been asked before. I have tried reading old posts with similar questions, but it’s like reading chinese for me :sweat_smile:

What I have achieved is… I listen the notes from NMS in my M:S 6th track, but with the sample sound assigned in M:S in that track, not the sound from NMS

Is my goal possible to get? Can somebody give some tips? :blush:

M:S has no audio input so you will need a small mixer between your devices and your speakers .

I had Novation Circuit for a while and that responded well to midi program change with Elektron gear (basically once it’s set up, u switch patterns on the M:S and the Circuit follows). I imagine the MonoStation will behave the same way. If I recall correctly your patterns on the M:S have to start from bank D or E due to the way the Circuit handles program change.

So to summarise, check the manuals for ‘program change settings’ and set your devices to the correct channels so they can communicate. And make sure M:S is set to send program change.

Unfortunately, the only way to get audio INTO M:S is via USB, for example an iPhone running a synth app. For anything else you will need a mixer.


So… Just thinking, would M:S accept via USB the output of NMS? In that case I would only need a USB / Jack adapter (in the case it exists :rofl:)

But… Thinking better, this is kind of absurd :joy:
I mean, if I could get just the sound output live in a M:S track… What I will do with that? That wouldn’t be a sample sound to work with in sequencer… Absurd

The point would be what you are saying, connect the machines so a pattern change in the M:S does the same in the NMS


Exactly that! The 2 devices will both play together following along with pattern changes.

CMS looks like it only outputs data over USB so that’s no go.

There is a way to connect your devices to an iPhone and you can route your audio with that but by the time you have bought the necessary items, it will probably cost more than a small mixer, and the mixer would be more flexible if you decide to add more gear in the future.

I use a Mackie Mix5 for this kind of thing, cheap and reliable! (also it has 2 stereo input pairs which is not common amongst very small mixers)

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Hey, I just peeped the MonoStation manual out of curiosity and there’s good news, unless you have already discovered it yourself.

The MonoStation has an audio in and mixer level control so you can send the M:S audio into the MonoStation and then connect that to your speakers! I didn’t notice if it’s a stereo input or not, it looks like a single socket so you will need some kind of lead and you may need to fully pan your drum channels in M:S depending on the MonoStation input type. Even if you are limited to mono drums, that should get you started until you decide to expand your setup!

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Oh :ok_hand:t3:
I’ll try today and see

Maybe it require some tuning, but that way audio input seem to be ‘integrated’ in NMS sound flow. I mean, it is not like a mixer with different channels. So M:S output doesn’t sound as it sounds in M:S

But it has been a try :blush:

I’ll investigate the Program Change sync. At the moment the only thing I have achieved is to get tempo synced from NMS to M:S… That’s the wrong direction I want, but it’s a step :grin:

Yes, looking at the manual properly, the audio input runs through the CMS envelope and filter, which is fine for adding some character to the sound but not the best for your particular needs. I didn’t notice that yesterday so sorry for being misleading :zipper_mouth_face:

I think a small mixer is still the best option.

Do you have more info about this?
I mean that part about D & E banks

Sure no problem, it works the same way on Circuit and CMS.

Set the M:S to send program change on channel 16

On CMS, program change works on values 0-31 for instant changes, this is not what you want. Values 64-95 queues each change instead (so the behaviour is like M:S, a pattern plays through before switching).

M:S sends program change 64 with bank E, pattern 1 and it carries on from there. So basically, for your projects that use the CMS, if you use an empty project and ignore banks A-D, you can have the M:S and CMS playing nicely together.

Start building your patterns from Bank E, pattern 1 on M:S. This only gives you 32 patterns (For banks E & F), but I think the CMS only has 32 active sessions anyway.

When you switch pattern on M:S, the CMS should also switch at the end of that pattern so long as you are using banks E & F on M:S.

Changing session on the CMS manually will not make the M:S change patterns, the M:S is the ‘master’ device in this case.

Have fun! :slight_smile:


Big thanks djenzyme :hugs:
I’ll try during the week & give you feedback

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No prob, the CMS looks like a good choice to pair with M:S. I’ll be interested to hear what you make with it :slight_smile:

What I have tried… :blush:
M:S config
MIDI > Sync > Clk out > On
MIDI > Sync > PCH out > On
MIDI > Out Chan > PCH out > 16

NMS config (all Receive params to On)
RX On (external clock control)

So, I have a MIDI cable from M:S MIDI out/thru to NMS MIDI in

I have 2 patterns in M:S bank E
Which patterns should be the equivalent in NMS, so I can test the program change works? And which Session?

The only I have achieved is to control NMS tempo from M:S, using the connection Clock in

I am a bit lost here :sweat_smile:

As @djenzyme told you above, you need to use patterns in bank E and F of the M:S’s pattern banks.

Pattern E01 on the M:S sends MIDI Program Change number 64 which should select Session 1 on the CMS.

Pattern F16 on the M:S should select Session 32 on the CMS.

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Typo error… I meant E

Ok ok… The concept sessions / patterns in NMS was confuse to me. Now I get an idea of the mapping

But the point is, with config settings explained above I can’t see any change in NMS if I change patterns in M:S :thinking:

Maybe I should disable MIDI note & Clock receiving in NMS, so it only receives CC (control change)?

Almost certainly no need for that.

You should probably experiment with changing OUT POL in the M:S’s SETTINGS > MIDI > PORTS menu.


You rock! :tada:
It was set to STD, changed to INV & now I see NMS changing sessions :grimacing:


Now I have 2 last questions, so I feel less stupid :sweat_smile:

Why Channel 16, and not another one, in M:S for Program Changes? Is it explained in M:S manual, or NMS? As I didn’t noticed that

And… Can I find this info in NMS manual, I guess?

Thank you very much both of you
Just trying to understand the things :blush:

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This information is in Novation’s document called ‘CMS MIDI Parameters’ downloadable from their support page. It’s not in the main User Guide.

Channel 16 keeps it distinct from Channel 1, which allows users to change synth patches using MIDI Program Change messages.

This is Novation’s unique and slightly eccentric use of MIDI Program Change messages; nothing to do with Elektron.

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