External synth as master keyboard controlling Rytm and OT?

As the title says. Could anyone please explain to me how you have your Rytm and OT set up so that you can use an external synth as the master keyboard? I’d like to use my Mopho X4 as the keyboard input when recording sequences on both the OT and the Rytm, and I’m having a difficult time figuring out how to do so.

So far I have the keyboard out going to the OT in, and the OT out going to a MIDI Solutions MIDI Thru that sends an out to the Rytm and the keyboard. Assuming I had the correct settings set on my Mopho, how would I set up the midi settings for the OT and the Rytm so that I could select a MIDI track on the OT MIDI screen and it would play that channel? I know it’s something to do with Auto, I just can’t get the three to play nicely. Any help, suggestions, or a walk through would be greatly appreciated!

Set the channel on your master KB to your desired channel, then go into your midi settings on the OT and Rytm and set the midi auto channel to that channel.


The simplest answer is almost always the correct one, thanks!

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You could have X4 set up to send MIDI on that same channel as OT auto ch, then set up a MIDI track on OT that sends to Rytm auto ch (different ch number).

This way x4 will send MIDI to whatever OT track you have selected or if you select the MIDI track you will be controlling whatever track is selected on Rytm.

This also allows OT MIDI arp + 3 cc lfos to be recorded into Rytm sequencer


Thanks, this method is perfect. Now I don’t have to take up all of my OT midi tracks, it can just be a single one.

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