External midi sequence issue



I have an issue with my Digitone. I connected it to my MS-20 mini with midi (channel 1) and I can play the notes on my Digitone and I hear them from the MS-20 as expected. However when I put a pattern sequence to the Digitone either live or grid recording mode it does not send the midi to the MS-20 when I am playing it. I see the notes on the Digitone’s sequncer but I can’t hear anything and I see it on my Ms-20 that the note led isn’t flashing. What do I do wrong?


I don’t have a DN but it sounds like you are triggering the MS via the Audio track (one) which likely won’t send midi sequencer data out (as per other elektrons), but will not stop live played notes passing out at time of entry

The DN has MIDI seq tracks for which you be able to both hear when auditioning and specifically hear when it’s sequenced


No, I am in midi mode, explicitly selected the midi track one and midi channel one specificaly for the MS. Is there a way to set the sequncer to “midi mode”?


It sounds like the track in which you programmed the sequence isn’t activated. Func + track will do the trick.


Thanks, that was it!