External gear to record patterns, DT to play them back?



I’ve gone through the manual and can’t seem to find any info on this.

Is it possible to have a synth send midi note values to the Digitakt to record a pattern, but then have the Digitakt send that data back to the synth to play it?

According to page 28 of the manual

You can use an external MIDI controller such as a keyboard to input NOTE and TRIG
VELOCITY data when you are in GRID RECORDING mode. Just press and hold a [TRIG]
key, and then play a note on the external keyboard. On MIDI tracks, you can add up to a
four note chord to every trig. The first note sets the TRIG VELOCITY value for all notes
on the trig.

However, when I do this, nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

For the record, my Digitakt is at the start of the midi chain (going through a Roland Juno-106, then through to a Sub 37, then out to a Strymon Timeline). I’ve also got another chain going out from the Juno into the Digitakt.


Digitakt records on the auto-channel

Set the synth to send on that midi channel

When sending midi from the track you recorded to, you have to enable midi by pressing the first encoder, holding shift. Set the midi channel of the track to the receive channel of your synth.



Thanks for your response.

Sorry I don’t think my initial post was as clear as it could have been.

My midi chain looks like this:
Digitakt -> Juno-106 -> Sub 37 -> Focusrite -> back into the Digitakt.

I have no problem getting the Digitakt to send midi data (notes) out to either synth. The thing is that I would also like to use them as controllers so that I can play chords into the Digitakt (without having to use the “chromatic” feature of the Digitakt… which is nice when you have no other choice but a pain if you have a bunch of keyboards sitting around).

Is what I’m trying to achieve even possible?