Ext In L/R - Through FX Track = Left Channel Only

Hi, I have my Argon plugged into the L/R inputs of the Syntakt. I have EXTERNAL IN set to Stereo, and the “Inputs” Overbridge channel is showing a stereo signal. However, if I route the inputs through the FX track (nothing else routed through) the “FX” Overbridge channel has a signal on the left side only. It is panned to centre.

Any ideas?

Did you inverted cables to check them ?

Edit : ah so it works in stereo without FX TRACK routing ?

What is INPUT LR balance setting ?

What is the behavior standalone, without Overbridge?

Hi! I checked the input pan first - it was panned centre, BUT - I panned hard left, then hard right, then back to centre, and I got a stereo signal. Weird, must be a bug…

Thanks :grinning:

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