Export of Akai Force project to ableton file not possible

Helloooo : )

I tried to export my project from my akai force by exporting it as an ableton project to be recognized by the ableton software.

Only here, when I start the export, the Akai Force takes too long to process the file to transform it; it cannot process a sample in 15 minutes.

Is this a machine or software bug or have I missed something?

When I tried with a small project it’s the same, I don’t understand why…

Thanks for your help : )

Trim your export length to your needed bar length - could be that it’s the issue.

Thank you for your answer.

where I can do that please ? because I change the Bars in the arrangement mode at 156 bars and it change nothing.

I find a lot of my sample in “sample edit” at 330749 bar where I can change this last point for all my sample ? This is very strange.

I dont have my force anymore. I temember that I had to do this. Sorry I cannot look into it.

Have you tried with minimal project if its working at all?

I find a way to reduce the bars for each sample. Thank you a lot for your help :slight_smile:

Now the export is working :slight_smile:

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