Exponential rhythms

Is there a way to create this kind of rhythm on an electron sequencer?

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You can on Octatrack with audio was doing that the other day with retrigs and slides

yes the (transitions) :slight_smile: can be more fluid with Octa ,but with more creative percussion with a DT.
From 4:00, I’m talking about the slow-down triggered
Model:sample or an Model:cycle ,can do the job with luck adjusting.

An lfo on LENgth should work too (OT/DT/MS), lfo on END for AR.
Loop on.

Also possible with any sequencer trig, preferably with retrigs.


hmm good idea Le Breton,
I’m going to try this cyclic adjustment moving this evening.

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Done ! :loopy:

I used a sine on LEN for track 1, and the sequencer for bouncing fx on 2 other tracks.
OT made the rest.