Also, it doesn’t seem to work the other way round either.

If I am sending a mid clip out from Live to RYTM, I can’t mute any of the tracks in a drumrack. It has no effect on whats being sent to RYTM and it keeps sounding notes whether muted or not.

Well I figured out you can do it if u route individual outputs of the Rytm, but not when its all just coming out of L/R in OB.

I think this means for me then that I will sequence everything on the Rytm then, except for longer sequences which I can do in Live - but at the sacrifice of less performability / more pre-arranged thinking.

It’ not a bad thing I guess and maybe it’ll push me to use the probability modes more :slight_smile:


^ Interesting - will check this out ~

This is awesome. If there were a way to control Rytm parameters from Push that would be even better. Similar to what this user created for Analog 4:

It’s not on the Ableton side, but that new CV splitter cable that Elektron put out can be used on the AR to split the duo-mono tracks into 2 separate signals… so, you’d have a spend a bit to do it on all of the duo-mono outputs, but that’s 1 sure-fire way. $25 for one splitter.

Just use mono inputs to your audio tracks or external instruments or whatever you’re using…

Hi, thanks for the rack, it’s amazing!
I waa trying to make one myself but it is really handy.
I have a problem though: I move a parameter on the rytm, I can see the knob moving in OB, everything is set up correctly (automation arm etc) but I cannot record automation.
I can record midi notes from ableton to the rytm and from the rytm pads into ableton, but no luck with automation. Even moving the OB knobs with the mouse doesn’t get recorded.
Any help?

Thanks a lot

I believe you have to configure the actual plugin in ‘devices view’ in Live. Fold out the plugin, hit configure, then tweak your parameters as desired to populate them in the device window. Then, you can automate those parameters from there IIRC

Is it fair to say that if you Multi Track, you loose AR Distortion and Compression???

To avoid duplicating voices you have to disable routing to the main tracks which in turn means loosing the master effects, unless you have send effects routed to the fX tracks that in that case they do go through the master effects.



I was struggling with this same problem, not being able to use Live drum rack mutes with hardware drum machines. I finally found this little Max for Live device which solved the problem for me. Dropping this at the end of every drum pad chain turns off all of those devices in that particular chain when you mute that pad. Works great now with Push2.

Le Supermute


Thanks, it was exactly that. For some reason I thought you could map every OB parameter to the Rytm, but as it turns out its 127 parameter max (makes sense).
Now I have the drum rack with scene and performance pads always mapped as well as the fx stuff (apart from lfo - why?) thanks to the patrik stuff, awesome.
Whenever I want to write and automation, I map the parameter from the Rytm and write it like that.
Whenever I want to record, switch on the multi output from the OB control panel. Works great!
Now I’ll add the mute functionality and I’m done!
Thanks again!

Actually I have another (silly) question:
How is it possible that everything goes through usb? I mean those are 8 audio channels…would it be the same exact thing in terms of quality if I used the jack outputs from the rytm?

Hello, why do you need that max device in this rack?

i’ve loaded this rack and while playing a clip with midinotes the Ar plays samples at higher pitch and eventually the sound gets all glitched out. the max-part is disabled. i also get cpu spikes. system is mbp 2,6ghz i7, 16gb ram, sierra. any suggestions?

Anyone use this with a Push 2? I have the rack loaded and it works well, but I can’t get Push to see it as a drum rack. It treats it as a melodic instrument.

  1. Can someone write a detailed video, screencast, how to use this drum rack?

  2. Question about record in DAW, in my case Ableton - from Analog Rytm through Overbridge. What’s the point - I want every track (8 pieces) of the maximum possible in Overbridge, write separately, but! I can write down, but can I prescribe all the effects, compression, etc., which I violated in Analog Rytm? Do not want to lose the sound of the piece of iron and all the effects)) Maybe there is some trick? It is clear that logically, due to the restriction in 8 channels of Overbridge, this can not be done, but can there be an exit?

Hey! Thanks so much, your rack works amazingly well! Just a question…how does the DSP automation work? I’ve been automating from another track with the Rytm Vst + configure, but would be cool to have it all in the rack. Thanks in advance,

Mike Oz

Does anyone have an up to date version of this?
ie, a Drum Rack file for the Analog Rytm using Overbridge.
I would be incredibly obliged.

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bump :smiley: