Expert Sleepers FH1 and Octatrack. How to get started?


Anyone using this combo that can help me start this thing going?
Been checking different forum but I cant wrap my head around how to run this two together.
I have connected my Octa to the FH1 with midi to to usb.

This is a start: -



I have both.

  1. What have you used to connect the two?
  2. What would you like to do?


I have connected my Octa to the FH1 with midi to to usb and it is connected. I can see something coming thru.
What i want to try is to use some of my lfo`s in octa and sent those to the fh1 as a start, to get some understanding of how this works. Is that possible?
T1-T4 is Flex machines so maybe try sending 2 of the lfo from each to the octa. 8 lfo on 8 channels.
EDIT: Just found this one Makes some things clearer but im not sure about how to set it all up with midi out to the fh1
Thank you


This tutorial pretty much explains everything. It references the FH-1 manual, but adds some explanations that made things clearer for me.

You need to look in the section “Mapping Your Controller to the FH-1” to see how you can map CCs from the Octatrack to the FH-1.


Just saw this. You need to use the midi tracks of the Octatrack to send CCs to the FH-1.


Thank you. Will check the tut page.


Hi folks.

A little late to the party and just discovered the FH1. It seems like you can do so many things with it and I got some questions of how to sync up my gear, trigger drums and use the FH-1 sequencer.

I know that OP are using FH-1 as a connector from OT to the modular world and I´m aware the you need a connector in between(I got IconnectMidi original)

But I´m not sure if what I would like to do is possible?

I would like to send clock from OT(master) to sync my modular sequencer/Doepfer A 180 (for further distribution of clock)

I would also like to trig a BD and a Clap module from the midi sequencer of the OT through the FH-1 and use the sequencer/arp of the FH-1 to play a VCO module of choice.

Any good tips or ideas for this to work would be appreciated as well as pro cons for the FH-1




Whenever the FH-1 receives midi clock it syncs up the internal sequencer and the LFOs. These could then control your VCO. I haven’t done this myself, so for the details - check the FH-1 manual.

Getting trigs/gates out from the FH-1 is easy as pie, send a note message from the Octatrack midi tracks. This part of the manual should get you started:

So yes - you could do what you’re asking. With several outs to spare!


Thanx a lot for replying, link and info CarlMikaelBjork



I got a problem getting the triggers to work with the OT on midi ch 13. Did you have any luck getting this to work?
Or anybody else feels like chiming in, are most welcome.



Are you using the lowest notes? C-1 will comes out of output 1 and then each semitone up will increment the number of the output eg, C-1 to G-1 gives outputs 1-8… I have this on channel 15 here using the script line:



Thanks Hellcore.

Do you mean Midi ch 15 in stead of midi ch 13?



before I fuck all things up.

Here´s what I would like to have

MIdi ch 1 output CV/Gate on Output 1&2
Output 3,4,5,6 output triggers for drum modules on midi ch 13(or other)
Output 7 + 8 are used for clock and reset with some hexcode magic provided by Mr OS.

Do I just paste your code MCV3:15:0-127:-GN into the top of my script in the Script generator and create a hex. image for USB upload?

something like this:

FH-1 script v1
HEX B0 67 03
HEX B2 46 41
HEX B4 66 7F
HEX B0 06 40




This depends on sending the correct notes, in this case I think it should be D-1 to F-1

You do not need to paste my code if you want to use Channel 13 since it is the default, at least it is in the online config tool. You just need to send those correct notes.

Might steal this, is this clock divided down to something useful?


Thanks for your help. I´ll give it a try when I´m infront of the modules again.

Clock just normal clock from the OT to my sequencer. The reset also for the sequencer.


Instead of starting a new thread, I figured I’d ask on this one…

I am trying to get my OT and FH-1 to play nice, but I can only get a response from the FH-1 on midi channels 1+2. Ideally I’d like to have 2 mono phonic voices (pitch / gate) and gate / drum triggers on the remaining 4 outputs. This SHOULD be accomplished with Midi channels 1, 2, and 13, but I can’t seem to get any response on channels 3-16. I just set the FH-1 to firmware 1.8 in order to start “fresh.”

Any ideas?


Hi there,

is any MIDI to USB cable enought to send correctly CCs from the Octatrack to the FH-1,
or a proper MIDI to USB box is needed?
I’m pretty confused because it is a “usb host” so a basic MIDI to USB cable should be enough,
but I see tons of people using stuff like iConnectivity or Kenton MIDI to USB modules


yes, a standard midi to usb cable for around 10-15 bucks or so is enough !