Exemplary support from Elektron

I have had some lousy support from some companies over the years, but on the few very occasions I’ve needed Elektron’s support, they’ve not only come through, they’ve always gone the extra mile. Recently, there was an unfortunate situation regarding my Machinedrum (not a failure or malfunction) and despite the issue not at all being Elektron’s fault, they went above and beyond to ensure that I was happy. So I want to publicly thank Mario in Los Angeles and Ess in Sweden for all of their help. Hats off to the whole support team.


Elektron support is the best

Just got my Monomachine back from Elektron. Incredibly fast turn around and an excellent price for the work done plus prompt return shipping. I’m stunned, I’m happy, I wanted to post here for all to see. Excellent company. Thank you!


Indeed. It has been a little over a year since I made the above post and am currently engaged in a frustrating round-and-round with another well-known synth manufacturer that has served only to remind me how good Elektron’s support has always been for me.


Indeed. They recently fixed my Digitone with a bad screen in about 10 days round trip (in the US). Zero cost to me for repairs or postage, and Mario was super nice about it. A+.


Amazing support yet again from Elektron staff. My DT had some jittery knobs, and even though my machine was a week out of warranty they still went ahead and repaired my unit and delivered it back to me in good time. Great communication with Christian from support who was very helpful.
Cheers Elektron, you rock!


Anyone know how many working days to expect for an initial response to an Elektron support ticket ?

There have been many reports in recent weeks about slow response from support and they just had a four day break for Easter, so I advise patience. They will get to you, especially if it is a critical hardware issue.


In spite of slow response times occasionally, Elektron support is fantastic.
I’ve sent in all my devices at least once, a few twice.
I got an A4 fixed for free including shipping, my OT cross replaced from 8 years of abuse, and my RYTM repaired for strange OS failure.
Now that my RYTM pads have been perffed to death and something is up with the power, I’m finally getting it repaired.
Turn around times have been quick, and occasionally they replace the knobs with bran new ones.
Stoked to have my MKI trinity in refurbished shape for continued use.
Sure wish I could send my laptop in for repairs.

Shout out to Elektron for being wonderful once support gets underway.


I was sent monomachine faceplate screws fast and for free. That was nice of them.


Hi everyone,

First post over here and first of all I just wanted to say thanks to all of you for your tips, this forum was a big thing to learn how to play this beautiful instrument that is the Octatrack.

Secondly I created this account simply to praise Elektron support and to share briefly that story to people so that more people can know that they can trust Elektron to the death.

Friday two weeks ago late afternoon, I turned on my beloved machine and my card wasn’t properly inserted. Nothing was working anymore. I sent a mail to Elektron with pictures to explain what’s happening and… I got a reply 6 minutes later explaining me that the card was broken and to confirm my address so that they can send me a replacement. It shipped on Monday and I received it on Thursday afternoon free of cost. All is back to normal and working perfectly.
This kind of reactivity and service is rare and awesome. It is known already yes but it is so so much that it deserves to be said loud and clear I feel.

Anyway to help spread the word I recorded quickly that small beat to tell the story. I hope you’ll enjoy and once again, ELEKTRON SUPPORT IS AWESOME.

Cheers & have a good week everyone,


Welcome to the forum!

Good news!

Could you tell us which brand and model of card was “broken”?



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Thanks you all !
It was an octacard 32gb but I don’t remember more precisely than that sorry :confused:

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