Exception errors when connected to USB


I am a new user of the elektron analog four. I have bought a second hand model.
I have lot of problems when the elektron is connected to usb , i recieve randomly exception errors even when i do not change anything on the elktron or my daw.

What i have done so far :

  • Hardware Test : 0 errors
  • Reset + Format drive
  • Reset factory settings
  • Reflash 1.23b Firmware
  • Reinstall overbridge 1.10.1
  • Connect USB directly to a usb port , not in usb hub
  • Install intel drivers update
  • Install last usb drivers
  • Contact support via ticket (still no answer)

Type of exception errors i recieve

Exception R0126
SSP:4 VEC:04
FS:0 SR:2504
ADDR: 400925aa

Any advice to fix this , because for the moment it is not usable when connected to usb.
Maybe i made a wrong setting or so ??

Thanks in advance for any help !

Elektron support will send you an email. Do check your support ticket status on the web page in case the email got lost.

You have done nothing wrong. As discussed on another thread, it is probably a hardware error that needs Elektron’s attention.


When not connected via USB all is ok?

If so, more then likely a dodgy USB chip / connection etc, stuff happens.

Keep in touch with HQ, they are the ones who’ll be able to fix it for you.

Yes problem occurs only when connected to usb

I went to a friend , and we made some more tests on my friend system (OSX). He owns all the elektron gear and overbridge is working well on his system.

We first tested my analog four without using overbridge, and we had no errors even when the elektron was connected with USB.

From the moment that the elektron was set in overvbridge mode , we recieved many exception errors.

Is overbridge mode working well with your Elektron analog Four Device ???

I had answer from the support team :

Elektron Support | June 10, 2016 01:50:55 PM

Hi, Ok, thanks for clarifying. This is unfortunately a hardware issue and will need to be sent in for repair.