Everything Sold - Please Close

All sold.


Just giving this a bump as some things are nearing end of auction.

BTW, the technology in the Basslet is the same that’s in the Rumble Pack that Teenage Engineering have just announced. It’s by the same company Lofelt.

I just wanted to bump this thread as I’ve reduced the prices slightly in the hope of getting a quicker sale.

That Faderfox is a beauty.


Looks great alongside elektrons as it’s the same size - appealing to the ol’ OCD :wink:

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Yet you used it only once. What did you dislike in it?

Nothing, I love it!

I got it just before we started to refurb our house so it went into storage for nearly a year.
Have got all stuff back but don’t have (1) Space so streamlining gear and (2) time for music making so selling hardware , i’ll stick to just laptop and push for quick setup etc.
Also just jacked in my job, finishing November, so might need the extra cash for paying the mortgage in a few months time if I dont find something :wink:

If it doesn’t sell and I get a new job soon then I’ll probably end up keeping it.
But I did say to the wife I’d try to punt it to raise some cash.

It can hold so many templates, my original plan was to set templates up for each of my favourite VST’s and also the Digitakt too. SO much hands-on control!

Digitakt, Cover & Power Bank reduced to £515

Faderfox PC12 Midi Controller reduced to £350

Both a steal!

Digitakt sold, just the Faderfox PC12 left.

Bump for new products for sale added.

Interested in all

PM me

I am UK based

Faderfox PC12 reduced to £320

Faderfox PC12 Sold. Just the Pocket Merge left.

Close thread - all sold.