Everybody in the place BBC documentary

A good watch if you got a spare hour, a look at the origins of raves in the uk from late 80’s to early 90’s. Features my local club in the 90’s, Shelleys in Stoke at the start and end.


Yeah man Ive seen this. Really enjoyed it. I remember all the news stories about new age travellers haha!
The bit I found disturbing was the notion that today, social media is more important to young people than music. Sad times.


BBC lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


And Michaela Strachan has gone from raving with Pete Waterman to Springwatch with Chris Packham :smiley:

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‘Social media’ has ruined the world.


I feel this way more and more these days. While it seems great in theory, everyone being able to communicate with everyone else simultaneously. In practice, it is actually fake, anonymous, communication between people who will never meet or have any real relationship. Like the person who dies with the most fake Facebook friends wins?!

And now, it’s just a bunch of bots talking to each other because we are too busy or too lazy to take the time to actually communicate with one another. (I am vaguely aware of the irony in that I am currently posting this to a social media forum) However, the elektronauts forum is almost utopian in the level of respect and helpfulness that people show towards one another so I feel it is not on the same evil level as the others. Let’s all get together and drink a beer. I’m buying. :beers:


A lot of people fail to realize that social media (Facebook Instagram Twitter, etc) has been designed from the ground up to be addicting. They use very sophisticated psychological techniques that bypass a person’s reasoning center. Horrible stuff, avoid like the plague. And if you think you are immune, than you are really screwed :frowning:

Mmmmmm, dopamine…


This too shall pass.


But in the meantime


Looks like an interesting read, but pay-walled?

Straight from the horses mouth so to speak:

The flip side is that they used to have similar fears about books.

Technology, always double edged.

Used to use Facebook, but just found it to be a huge time suck with little to no return.

Also to use it I would have to disregard the privacy concerns, spy agencies, and military social engineering experiments… etc. Not sure I could manage that level of mental gymnastics to justify it.

The real danger ahead is this social credit system they seem to be slowly maneuvering in, yikes! Talk about dystopia! Social media seems to be lining up to play a huge role as that system rolls out.

Any-hoo, loving my MD that thing really does rock! Also eagerly awaiting my Roland System-1m to show up, woot!


I’m sure there were no bad tracks from that label around that time–Acen anybody??!

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It was one of my favourite labels of that time.

I actually sent them demos and they offered to release them…if I fronted £1500. Err…no thanks.

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Social media is all smoke and mirrors, the trick is to give it just the weight it deserves, not the weight it calls for.
But I like this forum too, hah. :v:


Just watched this. Really good documentary. Always love watching back old footage. Always feel jealous that it happened 10 years to early for me. Clubbing was my main weekend past time from about 17 until I was into my early thirties but it felt like it had evolved from those times and was already different when I started.

I’d of loved to go to the Hacienda. Mind you Sankeys was fantastic.

Their was a shout out to Blackburn, where I’m from. I’ll always remember being awake in the middle of the night when I was 8ish (1990) and hearing some thumping drums and my dad was complaining because a rave was at full power just up the road. :grinning:


Where they are queing up at the start outside Shelley’s, there is now a dual carriageway and a Lidl, the club was demolished in the mid 90’s. Probably most young people in stoke don’t even know it existed or what it was

image image image image image image

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Yeah she just wanted to be cool like all the real ravers. Real ravers actually do wildlife rescue and conservation, she just presented a tv show about it… :wink:

Some good footage and the young peoples into the music is cool.I did not et into Shoom either when i went but had a much more housey party round the corner at Clink st .haha Londons oldest prison!!! But i dont want to live in the past.A lot of the old heads still producing today : ]



Yes, R.I.P on Clink St.
How sweaty was that!!
As you say, we can’t live in the past, but we must celebrate it my man. We were part of something that changed everything!

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Yeah man you chose the right tune there.Full of dry ice and strobes and right in the middle of dickensian docklands.

Crazy to watch this vid years later lol

I used to think RIP meant Rave in peace but appently it was Revolution in proress!!!