Eventide Ultratap

Next one is the Ultratap!


Mini USB makes my eye twitch.


My favourite H9 algo when I’m being Robin Guthrie.
Hopefully this’ll help neoshoegazers worldwide kick their Shimmer addiction.


Yeah, 2005 called, it wants its USB port back…



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Is this a new algo or is it basically only 1 algo of the timefactor??

Just wondering why they dont bring out new exciting algos combining 2 or 3 different fx? For example the space has modechoreberb, combining a great loooooooooooooong reverb with modulatio and an echo. Sounds totally ace.

It’s an H9 algo.

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I kinda want to get it just for the slurm – wimmy wham wham wozzle!


Patiently waiting for the Grunka-Lunka algorithm…


Why would anyone buy this instead of an H9? Gotta save up a little longer for the H9, but it’s such a better deal.

(Really asking… Eventide must have decided there is a market for it if they’re making it.)


Are they not stopping H9 production soon? - sorry just looked it up. You’ll be able to get the h9 max, but they won’t be selling the h9/core?

Ah, I did not know that.

Still got the H9 max on my wishlist.

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It has more knobs so it’s more hands-on than an H9, I guess. This one is not for me but I am still tempted by the Blackhole pedal (I have a feeling that if I had an H9 it would probably be set to Blackhole most of the time).

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Yeah, only the H9 Max.

It’s more hands on, sure, but the parameters on the MicroPitch are unfortunately chosen imho, mod depth and rate on one knob, delay time and pitch on one knob. So no tweaking of mod depth and rate simultaneously, which I think is something people frequently do. On the Blackhole and Ultratap it’s ok imho, but the Factor pedals have knob per function layout and the H9 responds very well to midi control…so…
Even editing on the H9 isn’t so bad either (imho). You can have three parameters directly accesible via the three knobs, so for live/jamming you can have three important parameters just a button press away.
And with max ten parameters per effect algorithm, clicking hrough the whole list is pretty fast actually.

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I do think this is a smart move. The H9 is daunting for a lot of folks. It’s not immediate without the app, and even then, it’s quirky to program. And that’s really the thing about the H9: it’s a workhorse. Killer for stage with presets, a slog for in-the-moment tweaking.

I think these new boxes make their effects more accessible to more people. For those of us familiar with H9s or even some of the rack units / plugins, some of these boxes are still enticing for the immediacy.

Then, there’s that mini USB port, which I just can’t allow in my studio :upside_down_face:

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hm… brushed aluminium, miniUSB? Looks cheap for my eyes…

Reminds of the Dave Rossum eurorack modules^^


Love my H9 Max. Packed it into a cheap case for flying to Las Vegas for our show, and thus learned the difference between this POS case of mine and a real flight case. The case was beat and dented pretty good, but the H9 took the beating like a champ - no immediately obvious scratches or anything - functioned as reliably as ever during the gig. So yeah killer for presets and taking travel abuse - for in moment tweaking there are quick and deep edit modes that don’t require an iPad - but like my Octatrack if I don’t practice using the deep edit mode I forget the button combos fairly quickly.

And yes, some people want only this algo or that algo and not have to pay the full $700 or whatever for an H9 Max. For Eventide and potential customers alike this makes sense in general, though time will tell how close or how far the demand for this pedal is, compared to the demand for the Black Hole and Micropitch pedals.


Tell them I hate them!

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What about Eventide on IOS aren’t they the exact same algorithms?
If so can someone explain to me way all these pedals cost so much?