Eventide H9 review by Loopop (Synth-only!)


I think the Shimmer algorithm was shown in the Loopop video, it´s definitely on my list. The Dualverb was the first one I got as the free algorithm that came with the core, good choice in retrospect.


there is a great Video with mylar melodies and sonic state showing all the eventide pedals with a Moog synthie


I ran my OP-1 into a Black Hole preset for a huge ambient sound we wanted for some songs. It’s basically the “Cigarros” preset with tweaks to the bass and high knobs.

I haven’t messed with ping-pong delays, but Filter Pong seems to be the one to use for that purpose, and it’s a different algo than the Tape Echo one. Best way to confirm is to check the Eventide forum. I see some past requests for true circular stereo delay and adding panning to algos other than Filter Pong that seems to have gone unanswered


In the same vain: I found the crushstation algo to be awesome but with a weird filtered stereo panning effect on it. In the Eventide forum I found an answer by the developer who stated the h9 didn’t have enough processing power to make it true stereo, so it sums inputs to mono and splits the filter/crossover outputs over the stereo outs.