Eventide H9 review by Loopop (Synth-only!)


I love how it’s designed to control up to 4 H9s. I bought an H9 Max because it was on sale… and because I could later buy an H9 Core and load the Max algorithms into thanks to the algorithm-sharing feature. One H9 is awesome - two opens more more possibilities - use one on a synth and the other on guitar, or use one for distortion/modulation, and the other for time-based FX… and so on.


Nice! Actually I was looking at an old patchbay I have lying around, wondering if it could help solving the puzzle. Ideally I wouldn’t need to re-patch any cables between songs, but if it needs to be done then better make it as easy as possible.


H9 Max is here. Sounds great, no suprises here :slight_smile:

I find working the expert mode to tweak settings on the pedal just fine. H9 Control app certainly does bring a lot of benefit to managing presets though.

On the other hand I’m encountering Bluetooth connection errors. It seems to be related to receiving MIDI clock. With MIDI in disconnected all is fine. With MIDI in connected and receiving MIDI clock from MD (passing through a few other devices first) the connection will drop out soon, as in after calling up 1 or 2 presets from the app. When removing the MIDI cable connection will restore itself.

That’s very unhandy 'cause my main use for it will be tempo synced delays and the whole plus of using the app is lost if I can’t tweak the presets with MIDI sync. Anyone else encountered this?

Running the latest firmware 5.6.0. I just realized the firmware update from 5.5 to 5.6 kept failing too, until I removed the MIDI cable.


Pinged back and forth a bit with Eventide support. Verdict:

The H9 Control talks to H9 using MIDI SysEx messages. So I guess it could be that your Machinedrum sends some sort of unknown MIDI messages which messes up the communication between H9 and H9 Control.


When I tested a MIDI sequence of a pitch shifter algo on the H9 from the Tony Saunders midiSequencer app on iPad, I recall having to jump through some hoops. I think one of them was getting off Bluetooth and switching to wired USB connection - but it’s been a while.

Unfortunately I have to go get ready for work…


The Evenmidi controller works nicely, btw! The delivery was super fast and you really open the device for tweaking with it. No hassle with ipad/phone anymore!


I’m not disagreeing with Eventide support, but my experience has also been that the receiving of midi clock on the H9 is unreliable when used in conjunction with bluetooth, regardless of the source of the midi clock.

I have never had a machinedrum, but have frequently encountered the issue.

My “solution” is to minimize app use while clocking the H9, as sometimes you can get away with it for a bit, but obviously a bug fix on this would be ideal.

I also got and recommend the evenmidi controller–works with multiple units, but doesn’t solve the main issue with the clock, just provides hands on control of everything.


Man if the Zoia shapes to be the irresistible device that my wallet fears its shaping up to be… and Evenmidi adds support for it, I won’t be able to resist getting an Evenmidi.


I found my old post on the MW forum - even has a concept graphic that looks a lot like today’s Evenmidi:


Yes, midi over USB is supported. I think the usb midi overrides the DIN midi, if that makes any difference. I have had luck syncing to midi clock via both USB and DIN midi, but it seems that the iOS app doesn’t like it when the pedal is clocked externally and you want to demo algorithms, for me that always causes the pedal to freeze (removing midi clock un-freezes).

The H9 Control app MUST however be in the foreground if you have to use it… If it is in the background, it may interfere with the H9’s reception of MIDI data. I personally prefer to just use Quick Edit or Expert Mode on the H9 directly if I need to tweak anything on the H9 during a live show or band rehearsal - I try to avoid using H9 Control in either scenario.

So not much has changed regarding the H9 Control app - wonderful to use for editing patches and auditioning your changes while you tweak your patch, but dangerous to use while you’re playing your gig in front of an audience. I don’t think Eventide ever intended this app to be used onstage. And Bluetooth is risky for live performance in general.


With my MD clocking it s even completely unusable in the studio, let alone on stage. It also doesn t make sense for me to edit patches without Midi clock. I got the H9 mainly for delays and I like those synced most of the time.

But now my AR is back from servicing and this is the actual tempo master of my setup. Did a quick test and connection seems to hold.

Anyway i m not planning on using the app very much. Occasional preset management i guess but i think i m fine with editing patches on the pedal itself.


MIDI clock should be fine w/ H9 - as long as you remember to shut down the H9 Control app first… and don’t use Bluetooth . :grinning:


haha, one of those quotes is from me… not much progress on this front in the last few years.
I blame bluetooth.


I used to have problems with midi clock and H9 freezing. Once I changed my midi setup I haven’t had any issues. I’m pretty certain that sending too many channels through it will cause problems.


What are your favorite algorithms for the H9 in combination with synths? Just got an H9 Core and since they aren’t exactly cheap I don’t want to take any chances. 5 Minutes testing for an algorithm isn’t that much, especially when you get lost with the sound you tweak.


Band Delay and Resonator are my favourites plus the H910 H949 which comes included with the core.


Pfooh… there s so much to be had. Maybe a strategy is to check demo’s of the *factor pedals and find what interests you that way. All the factor algo’s are in the h9. Then there s still the h9 exclusive algo’s.

I haven t worked enough with the h9 yet to have a real personal selection. In general i m a fan of delays.

I have a Space pedal too and the mangledverb and modechoverb are some of my favs there.


For monosynths, the PitchFactor algos are fun, because you can change the pitch interval via MIDI CC when driving synth and H9 with a MIDI sequencer.

Otherwise, can’t really recommend a fave reverb or delay because everyone’s got their taste. I like to use reverb for experimentation and such. Others always want the “most natural” sound and I can’t help there.


Same here :slight_smile:


Caveat: If you’re willing to forego stereo H9 can be set up with two loops in a pre/post mode.

This would allow, with a single H9, a wah patch, to be placed in front of the signal chain. Then changing to a reverb patch would be at the end. You save the pre/post with each patch.


Shimmer Reverb and Modechoreverb are ace! Especially the shimmer … if you need big lush ambient spaces :slight_smile:

Can anyone confirm that the 2 delay lines in the tape delay mode are hard panned left / Right? Or is there any way for ping pong style delays??