Eurorack noobie


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and yes never sell what you’re happy with , my octatrack is still doing the sampler & sequencer job very well and the digitone the lush polyphonic pads & & fm drums

good luck finding a second hand beads!

disting & pamela are really differents , i hate disting & i absolutely love pam, it’s my second module and sometimes i wish i had a 2nd

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Why the hate? I was thinking of adding it just to have that “one” thing I’d need for a patch. Especially the sample player to feed into Beads.

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User interface. It’s terrible. That and the constant need to read a PDF file each time you try and use it.


Right. Ok. I’ll watch some videos.

But you don’t come to memorize the select few you always seems to come back to?

it does so many things but nothing really well , and??? try spending 180€ on something u never use


Pamela is absolutely a part of every patch. I just wish it had a back button so you didn’t have long press to get anywhere. Also my brain has a hard time wrapping itself around all the multitudinous modes + the effect all the parameters have on them. I work better with a module with a singular concept, but that can be used in many ways. Like Maths. Same reason I never got on with Plaits but love Noise Engineering voices/oscillators.

Pam is extremely powerful, but the menu was not too much fun for me.
If I’d go eurorack again, I would rebuy it probably though. Just too useful

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I end up using it for set and forget tasks, like sending clocks and resets to sequencers. I have had one flash of brilliance with a generative patch basically powered by pam. It can do incredible things, especially with cv in, but you have to think of the thing first.


I took a look at Pam’s manual the other day and got bored immediately with the idea of editing 8 different outputs. It might not be that bad in reality. There’s no denying it’s abilities though.

one of the main lessons I learned from my little journey. Avoid menus, especially on small modules. They make the whole advantage of using hardware (haptic) obsolete


I didn’t find this in the manual on an admittedly less-than-close read, but does the knob work as a macro control when not in output edit mode? So can you use it, for example, to divide the external clock and all the outputs are divided then?

pam is a walk in the park compared to this :image
i must be oldschool :slight_smile:


I’ll explain.

You have 2x push button knobs to control:

Main preset select menu.
Main module set up menu.
Preset functions menu.
Preset x variable.
Preset y variable.

Each list has multiple items to select, each item has values to select.

Each time you select something in a menu you have to wait to see what you’ve selected while a word or two scrolls passed, one letter at a time. It isn’t fun.
Then you have all the functions which are just placed in the module in a seemingly random order so you need to constantly dive into the PDF. Some functions use input X to do something, while other functions use input Y to do a similar function etc etc.

I’ve owned mine for about 2 years and I don’t use it. If I need to use something the Disting does I see if I can do a work around and do it elsewhere first. If you think back at the worst user interface on a synth, something like say a Alpha Juno or Poly800 or whatever, it’s worse than that.

I’d get a Disting EX if I had to get one.


not with the knob but maybe the cv ins

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Wow snooze ok that’s the end of that idea. Thanks.

Yes ok I read that. I guess put an attenuator in there and you have your macro. Hmmmmm…

I started making electronic music on a macbook :upside_down_face: skipped the one knob - tedious menu lessons I guess