Eureka! Moments

Been spending a lot of time with the octatrack over the last year and have become very comfortable using it. I do a lot of live dubby techno so the most powerful way I use the octa is as a super deep delay machine. As such I mostly use flex machines and track recorders and rarely save anything from the buffer. Buuuut since I’m a bartender in NYC I’ve found myself jobless for the foreseeable future and have set out to make an album-ish kind of long term project. Spent the last five days making complex samples all day and of course went — shit I have to use a lot more static machines. But in doing so I had an Aha! Moment — sample manipulation data is saved to the slots, not the samples themselves! It’s something I knew in theory before but never actually utilized the power of. Now I’ve got the same sample loaded into multiple slots with different loop points etc.

As I’m sure there’s a lot of us quarantined with time on our hands let’s all share some of our favorite epiphanies. Doesn’t have to be limited to long term users — but I think it’s inspirational to hear about people getting great results from the octatrack and still learning new things


Many eureka moments apparently.

Both. :slightly_smiling_face:
Samples settings can be saved (in the ot file associated with the sample). They are loaded with the sample.


@sezare56 good point yeah when I have a sample with manipulation I usually save it like that but with this project I’m trying to use the slots and have a bunch of samples with plenty of different timbres and grooves to bite down on

At the opposite, it’s also really interesting to use the same slot for several tracks, and modulate small trimmed portions for granular stuff. Different start positions.


By complete accident I fat fingered 2 trigs when selecting a pattern, and realized it was looping through the patterns in order…forever!

It’s like a mini song mode.

It’s probably in the manual somewhere but I haven’t read the manual since the first week. Shame on me I know :no_mouth:

Works with 3 just fine, haven’t tried 4 yet.


PATTERN CHAINING You can use pattern chaining to loop a sequence of patterns. It is only possible to chain patterns located in the same bank, and a chain can not contain the same pattern twice. Chain patterns by pressing and holding the [PATTERN] button and then press and hold the [TRIG] keys in the same order as you want the chained patterns to play.


Haha fair! I would have never thought to look for it however. Now I will abuse it I am sure :rofl:

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