Erica Synths Techno System


Although it’s a travel case I don’t think it’ll be going too far :smile: 2 x 104hp and dust free with a nice aesthetic does the job. I wanted to go for a bit of uniformity with the setup, keep things tidy :wink: an extra 1u would do no harm though :slight_smile:


I’d asked about the copy feature for the bars, seems it only works when you change the number of bars and not the length. Makes sense though as if you wanted an odd length sequence you wouldn’t want the first bar copied.


Have a look at this on youtube, now bear in mind it has only been watched 18 times today and this has only happened.

Look at the thumbs!!! WTF! Ha ha :smile:

I’m the new Justin Beiber :smile:

I even felt compelled to give myself a thumbs down :smile:




I’m not one to usually take the philosophy that people who don’t like you are “just jealous” but I don’t really get any reason why you’d garner so much negative attention so I’m guessing it’s that. Maybe you’ve got one very determined hater


I cant believe this.


Just boosted it to 21 likes :joy:


Maybe it’s just not techno enough?


Thanks only 137 more to go to break even :smile:


I’ve attracted a stalker :smile: so assume they are behind it :scream:


I think that as well, which is kind of weird to know, but also kind of funny :smile:


Richard Ramirez goes Modular!


Someone has gone full psycho on you dude

Sadly internet is full of cowards obsessing over people who probably couldn’t care less


Probably somebody in the meme forum reposting your work for lulz


I expect it’s something strange like that. Nice to have my art “recognised” :smile:


The strange thing is the number of views today is nowhere near the number of thumbs down ???


Don’t let that dampen your spirit.

the fortune of someone is the misery of another.

I wonder how this person will react if someone less “fortunate” treats him/her similarly…

stay strong :slight_smile:

+1…23 likes


Perhaps these folks could divert their attention and start at the top…
Here we have the 15 most expensive yachts in the world, climaxing with “History Supreme”, bought for 4.5 Billion dollars…


no, they worship those type…the fools.


pocket change, wait till you see what gets spent on bombs