Erica Synths PĒRKONS HD-01

Some places are taking preorders. Not sure if it’s an official preorder or if they are taking advanced payment to put you in line when units come in.

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Yes. This exactly

Ah, so any dealer taking a preorder who doesnt ask for full payment up front? :stuck_out_tongue:

…stuck in the middle with you… ♩♪


Interesting! It looks like the four tracks are decoupled by default? Or only decoupled once you restart a track mid pattern? Cool results nonetheless. It’s like a per-track volca sequencer.

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I was looking at this Perkons beast for a while at Superbooth21. Instantly, I loved how it looks, the features, the layout, the connections at the back… Its wild, spot on and well thought out.

There is quite a lot of sequencer tricks like random, reverse playbacks which I have been begging for Elektrons to do. It does P-locking (automation) in such a nice and easy manner compared to Elektron sequencers actually. Though you can not see the Plocked values but I could live with that. I have to say, its very refreshing to see these Plocking and sequencer tricks implemented at this level in this market! Thank you Erica!

The sound was very good! Also worth mentioning that the sound engine was still tweaked. Though, I did feel that it may get boring after listening to its sound for long periods.

Reminded me of Pulsar23, but with a more straight forward attitude. I want one so much. Winner of the show by far, in my eyes.


I agree, I think it is very daring and going to be a landmark for drum machines manufacturers in the future, to take the risk to inovate when it comes to the format.

It feels like all the demos have been focusing on showcasing the drive and BBD delay, so it is really hard to judge on the character of the sound engines., but I hope that it can sound like a lightning strike as well as a softer, warmer drum.

Anyway, my local store in Stockholm as put an order with Erica Synths already, so that’s happening soon hopefully.

Is it time to update the thread title with the name now, by the way?


Very cool instrument indeed. Definitely going to buy it as well. Perfect for live performing. Super stoked. The pulsar was on my to buy list as well but the thing holding me off was that I wouldn’t really be able to perform with it live the way I want. This is where Perkons really is perfect.
Great to see you are so positive about it as well :slight_smile:


That is a lovely demo and interview in general. The Perkons definitely has a sound worthy of a thunder god. It’s so full-on that I don’t know if there would be room for anything else in the mix! Definitely torn about getting a Pulsar-23 or this.

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A year Ago i saw these raw industrial techno beats front Erica techno system. Now i can also find harmonic warm beats made with the techno system. I hope in the furure i will hear more different sounds

Do you recall how fast and snappy the envelopes were? The only sound I’m hoping they major overhaul is the snare from what I’m hearing.

Between the perkons and pulsar which would you go for? I have been avoiding the pulsar like the plague Bc I knew it would be an instant buy… finally Demo’d one at perfect circuit and it exceeded my expectations and blew me away. Now I will have to decide between these two and or possibly ditch my analog rytm…

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Thanks a lot for the review!! It looks really great and really intuitive to use. But on the other hand the gotharman spazedrum seems to offer much more in a similar price range, but it is less direct. Acutally I would love to have the opportunity to test both of them :slight_smile:

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I like the idea of this machine a lot. the playability factor is quite high, and looks like tremendous fun. overall I like the sound but I tired pretty quickly of the overdriven filter into BBD with high feedback and short delay time. that’s what everyone gravitated towards it seemed; which I get… it’s an aggressive machine and sounds great that way. I just don’t know how much of that I’d use in my music. the softer sounds were great too, but not too far away from what I can get with a Syncussion, 01/IV, or DRM1.

the other thing is I’m more into programming sequences than jamming with sequencers, and that’s where this machine really shines: playing the sequencer live, while you tweak controls. I can see why people want it for live performances, for sure.

this is all to say that I won’t be pre-ordering one. but if one shows up discounted or used in the future… :see_no_evil:


I think both the Pulsar and Perkons would complement each other well for live use. The Pulsar is a beast for live use.

For certain performance types certainly. It’s designed for live performance even as far as I know. That’s why I added “the way I want”.

The pulsar is hard if not impossible to use live in a way where you start it up, and immediately go to a familiar place (unless you’re not using patch cables which would reduce the experimental nature of it). The patching is An essential part of it and thus it’s more experimental. Which is of course great. But not what I’d be using in a club setting per se for instance.

Simply put: it’s not as immediate as perkons, but can go to much more experimental places that perkons would not be able to reach.
Perkons leans more toward a 909 where quickness and muscle memory really come into play.

All AFAIK of course. :wink:


I definitely see where you’re coming from regarding Pulsar and immediacy with live use in a club. Not your first choice for electronica or billboard EDM. I find that it needs a companion for live use to sequence, add TRCs, etc such as AR. Getting palatable sounds out of it is pretty quick as your’e probably aware then you can gradually tweak as it doesn’t take much to get into different territories.

Perkons for sure would be a great drum machine for live use and just salt n pepper with the Pulsar.

The design decision of brown text on browner background for their website doesn’t foster much confidence in the product.

As someone whose own professional website uses only HTML 1.0, I want to caution you about reading too much into these choices.


Why, do you design synths?

Also, i’m obviously poking fun. It’s a fucking awful looking website.

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