Erica Synths - Graphic VCO


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Erica Synths Graphic VCO allows you to draw your own waveforms, arrange them in wavetables and wavetable banks, morph between two selected waves and alter the resulting wave in advanced ways (FXes) – apply FM, phase distortion, ring modulation, wavefold/wavewrap, bitcrush.


Versatile waveform designer
Morphing between two selected waves
Wavetable design
Wavetable matrix design
Versatile waveform alteration – FM, phase
distortion, ring modulation, wavefold,
wavewrap, bitcrush
32 classic wavetables included
Module state saving (Snapshots)
Configurable suboscillator output
Suboscillator tuning from -1 to -24 semitones
Suboscilator detuning (+/- 50 cents)
Skiff-friendly design
User waveform/wavetable upload via USB
Firmware upgrade via USB
Waves, wavetables, FXes and other settings can be saved and recalled from the memory instantly. The module has two outputs – the main output and the output with configurable suboscillator.

NB! To have the module functionality up to date, we recommend you to check the Erica Synths home page or our social media from time to time for announcements about firmware updates for the Graphic VCO. You can update the firmware of the module via miniUSB cable. More detailed instructions of the firmware update can be found in the User Manual.

Technical specifications:

Audio output amplitude: 10Vptp

Octave range: C0-C8

Sample rate: 96kHz

Unipolar CV input range: 0 -+10V

Bipolar CV input range: -10V -+10V

Panel Width: 16 HP

Module depth: 30mm

Power consumption

I ordered one a few days ago. Does somebody already own one? What’s your thoughts?


will be my next voice. i think i read that userwaves upload are not available yet…? Too bad there’s very few videos with it out there


I had a brief go with it.


I just played a few hours (Edit: I added some things today, ten days later), with my new Graphic VCO.
I’m absolutely blown away!

This module is exactly what i wanted for so long: A piece of hardware that can edit waves, similar like Serum (plugin). It’s really easy to create great waveforms and wavetables. There are several different ways to create and edit waveforms. Those methods can be mixed. Unfortunately there is no function to smooth out waveforms. But the different edit options allow really all kind of waveforms. And if you want super smooth waves, the spectral mode will deliver. It’s even possible to create waveforms just by defining the harmonics. Smooth spectral waves are great for FM modulation. Or create “supersine” waves be set the first harmonic to zero and one of the other 31 (depending on how much sinewaves you want) to max.
Of course there is a mode that allows free form waveform drawing. I ha d a few Etch A Sketch flashbacks while trying it.
All modifications on the waveforms can be heard in real-time.
The modul has different play modes. You can blend between two different waveforms, in this mode you can also edit the actual waveforms. The second mode is the actual Wavetable mode.
A wavetable can consist of up to 16 different waveforms. There are blended very well into each other. Geräte for slow moving drone sounds :upside_down_face:
On the same day, i got a “2hp - Verb” in addition to the VCO. The combination of the graphic VCO and the reverb modul already sounds brilliant!
The third mode is a matrix of wavetables.
It adds a whole new level to the wavetable sound synthesis. Of course the position can be set via cv. I haven’t found out how i can create my own matrix of my wavetables. The manual doesn’t help and is not very deep. (It would be nice to get a actual printed manual, instead of a link.)
I guess it’s probably not possible to create a matrix on the modul, but maybe with the upcoming software. The software will allow the creation of waveforms.
If it’s really not possible to create or modify the matrix, then this would be the only negative aspect, IMHO.

The whole module is is very well thought through. The sound quality is extreme good. The only things i would like to see in future, would be a update, that allows the oscilloscope modus in full screen for extern signals and the possibility to create a matrix of wavetables within the modul. It’s already possible to watch externe cv modulation if they in the area of the lower frequencys. I find this very handy for visualisation of any extern modulation.
The matrix mode adds even more depth and variety.

There is a little extra, called “Live” mode. It will be available via a software update in the future. The module has a small USB port for upcoming updates and wavetables. Wavetables can be created on the modul or with a dedicated software.

I would give this module 10 of 10 points. Maybe I buy a second one in future. And a e352… and a e370…damned! :wink:


seems like you verify their claims about this vco! id like to export some waves/merges made in serum to this if the conversion doesn’t impair the result.

ot: still would very much like to try out waves from serum in blofeld and/or microwave xtk regardless of impaired wave quality :smiley:


I created some wavetables for the Blofeld and it was much easier as i expected to be. The software i used had a import function for short wave(*.wav) files. You could try to create audio samples of your own wavetables from Serum and import it. The software will create a wavetable with the attributes needed for the Blofeld. From there, you can import them into the Blofeld. If your interested in the name of the software i used let me know. If I remember correctly, i read somewhere that the some of the wavetables on the Blofeld are from the Microwave, and the Wave.
The Blofeld gets even more powerful with some additional Wavetables. There is extra space for new ones, so you don’t have to delete the factory presets. I created some super smooth waveforms, morphing like a snake, perfect for FM.
I still hope that Waldorf decides to create a successor to the Blofeld, it’s such a incredible synth!


i had a app but i was too cryptic for me. i dont remember the name but was like using the terminal. seems to be more alternatives for windows though.
yes blofeld has the wave and microwave waves :slight_smile:
yeah would love to try out new wavetables on the blofeld! and it seems like waldorf is, in form of the former Valkyrie


Sounds like „Audioterm“.

I use the software „Waldorf Blofeld Wavetable creator v.1.11
You can get it from here:

It‘s completely free and much easier as Audioterm.
If you use it, be aware that the name and position (wavetable number/slot position) needs to be defined within the wavetable editor.


yes audioterm. too bad that other wt editor is windows only but might work with wine.
ok i’ll remember to define wt number/position. thx


I found a old link called Waldorf wavetables. It‘s a graphic representation of the wavetables from the Microwave 2/XT. Those are the same as the first few wavetables from the Blofeld!


i would think that the waves in the gvco “better”. i think the tables in mwxt only sounds like they “should” in the xt. the same wt’s in blofeld has another sound to them. not bad in any way but at least i can’t make the blofeld sound like xt :slight_smile:
looking forward to exporting serum tables to gvco in the future


Yes, I would definitely say that the gvco Sound a little bit better as the Waldorf synths. It can be supersmooth to „crystalin“ like fine details. Hard to explain ;)maybe it‘s just the 96kHz output… I also believe that the wavetables are longer on the gvco, or the interpolation is better.