Erica Synths Bassline DB-01

Out of the box, first five minutes patch*.

This thing’s a fucking beast!

*Once me jnr got his greasy hands off it.


I see the Sequence going forward on certain section of the Sequencer and going backward on others. Cool feature!

Random sequence plus random LFO = savage

Playing nice with friends…


Hello, I have a question that I need to know before I can connect my bassline to other equipment.
I am a total novice in the analog world and I hope you can help me

I currently have a Behringer Crave and have been reading the instruction manual and it seems to accept 5V voltages but be careful not to overload the unit with more voltage than necessary because it could damage both my bassline and behringer crave.

I have been searching what is the voltage of Erica synth bassline but cannot find any information about it, and I would like to know if it is safe to connect both units through CV / gate and patching.

Sorry for the english and Thanks !!!

From the demos I’ve listened I think the 303 comparison is disrespectful. Even the original 303 is much more than what the people are actually thinking when hearing the word 303.

DB-01 is 101-ish, 303ish, MFB-ish and even moog-ish with that creamy sound but overall it has it’s own character.

Now i have GAS :frowning:


The CV and gate on the DB-01 are 1v/oct both in and out, so will work with anything that accepts 1v/oct and the clock is 4ppq. So far I’ve only used it to clock my DFAM, which worked without any issues. I know nothing about the Beringer, but there should be something in the manual about its CV settings.

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This is from the Manual

OSC CV - oscillator pitch CV, at 1V/octave.

Caution: Do not overload the 3.5 mm inputs. They can only accept the correct level of voltages as shown in the specification tables. The 3.5 mm outputs should only be connected to inputs capable of receiving the output voltages. Failure to follow these instructions may damage the CRAVE or external units.


OSC cv: -5 to +5
VOSC fm: -5 to +5
VOSC mod: -5 to +5
VVCF cutoff: -5 to +5
VVCF resonance: -5 to +5
VMix 1: -5 to +5
VMix 2: -5 to +5
VVC mix: -5 to +5
VMultiple: -5 to +5
VMix cv: -5 to +5
VExt audio: -5 to +5
VTempo: -5 to +5
VPlay/stop: more than 3.2
VReset: more than 3.2
VHold: more than 3.2
VEnv gate: more than 3.2
VVCA CV: -5 to +5 V
LFO rate: -5 to +5 V


Multiple: -5 to +5
VMultiple: -5 to +5
VOSC pulse: +/-5
VOSC saw: +/-5
VEnv: 0 to 8
VNoise: +/-5
VLFO triangle: +/-5
VLFO square: +/-5
VVC mix: -5 to +5
VAssign: 0/+5 V or +/-5
VKB CV: -5 to +5
VGate: 0/+5 VVCF: +/-5 V

I´m a total noob in analog world but i assume thar if the maximun of the bassline is 1 V I can connect the two units… I think. Hope you help me. Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m not super knowledgeable about Analog CV either, but looking at that suggests it’ll be fine if you’re sequencing the crave with the Bassline. Each octave is 1v, hence the -5 to +5 range on the oscillator etc.

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Absolutely right, this is.
I even got into Pro One territory with it last night with the detune and FM.
I think this might be the best single oscillator mono synth I’ve owned (and I’ve owned a lot).
I was struggling to decide between this (simplicity, great sounding oscillator and filter) and the Analog Four (versatility, CV and the onboard FX) and I think I’ve made the right choice, I’ve got enough complex boxes for that sort of thing, this is pure instant gratification. This beast (along with my DFAM, Lyra 8 and Digitakt) is gonna make me famous!


Thanks !!!

Don t forget your friends when that happens :wink:


I don’t have any friends, that’s why I can afford all this bollocks.


I bought the last unit in Thomann… Next unit avaliable in 5 weeks… and there is one on b stock… Crazy people returning this jewell… Pairing with a Digitone in a live performance Will be amazing…


Just shit myself.
Finally got everything wired up and set up. Turned the DB on and all I could get out of it was a weak little thump sound.
After much panicking I discovered that there must have been something on the midi channel interfering with it. Switched to channel 16 and now all is well.

I hate midi.

Hello, I´ve posted this video in the Digitone music, but I used Erica DB01… At minute 4… A beast!!!

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I just ordered that last b-stock. Couldnt resist :slight_smile:

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Yessssssssss :smiley:

I keep going back and listening to this… love what you did with the DB-01! Whole track just makes me smile.

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Wow, thanks! I love the DB-01! I love that set up so much, I added the Digitone back to my set with the DB-01 and now I am taking it back out. I just love the 9 track idea. Minimal and clean feeling.