Eowave Quandrantid Swarm


This thing is absolutely insane. Pure, under the radar madness.


Ha, you beat me to it!

I was listening to this very demo walking down the street last night and several times just laughed out loud and said “Holy shit!”

Of course, Mylar’s talent takes the 2-iron to most things but, equally, you can really hear the joy growing as he continues to jam.


Serious OT partner.
Internal sequencer and sequencing over midi can be combined.

Some great vids on eowave’s ig:


I was about to share this too if no one had noticed. Man that thing looks exactly like what I hoped from Eurorack (and abandoned due to the cost, hyperGAS, and complexity) but within one small package. I’m going to try and refrain from buying, a use I want to try and not buy anything for a while. But this might stay top of the list for quite some time:)

@AdamJay great that midi and sequencer can be combined! I was wondering about that

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I’ve been thinking about this or the Typhon… GAS is a horrible thing.

I wonder if the Swarm module is the same. It’s a little bit cheaper, but i suppose i need to provide a way to power it. Is that the only difference ?
Because at Modular Square in Paris they just have the module remaining…

Looks like Mutable Instruments with a Harvestman sound and a Makenoise design. Sick

So I just pulled the trigger on one of these. I’m a sucker for these little synths with sequencers.


I csnt find any available at the mo. know of any places still in stock?

I picked up the last one from a shop here in Basel. I didn’t see them anywhere else unfortunately.


Yea it is the same.
Same connector and everything. Just no case or PSU.

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I was very tempted but the money isn’t there for me right now, even though my wife has encouraged my to spoil myself after such a hard year.

All the under the hood CC#, plus the digital oscs, dual filter capability, feedback circuit, and general wonkiness of it all tickles my mind the way the Pro2 does, when I consider driving it with my OT.
In a small case with a little more modulation for the analog parts, I could be really happy with this receiving notes and CC from OT and then going into my Typhon for FX.

My plan is to play with this, my OT (AE :slight_smile: ) and my DB-01. A little techno triad.


I’m hoping I can also find a way to trigger the sequencer reset from the OT - maybe sending a click from the cue will do it.


It should. Others have clocked modulars in the same way.

And this way you can do it with conditional trigs too!

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I’ve done that with my DFAM so it should work - it’s gonna be so much fun.

This looks right up my alley, but I’m afraid my arthritic sausage fingers would struggle with the tiny knobs. I could whack some bigger knobs on there but some of them look a bit close together to get away with it.
Also, I’m skint.


I’m also skint, relying on shifting a few items pretty soon…

Thanks for answer, i was not sure. The case isn’t a problem, for psu i will phone to Modular Square.