Envelope LFO for waves, Long Attack?


New to the M:S and am wondering if you could help me understand a little more about the LFO section.

How do you use an LFO to create a slow attack on a wave sample?
Settings recommended?

Thank you!

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Hey! You might find something useful in this thread.


Yep - the responses in that thread helped me out fine!

Thank you!
Yes, the negative value on the LFO was the trick!

Do you, by chance, know specifically what the
“Sph” value does on the second LFO page?

SPH stands for Start Phase, which sets the point within the wave cycle where the LFO starts when it is trigged. Value 0 would be starting at the beginning, 64 in the middle, as the max. value is 127.

(For more info on LFO values see the manual, pp. 34-35 in particular.)