Endless -- Collaborative internet jam software from Tim Exile

In the video Gaz Williams shows off new software (in beta) from Tim Exile. It allows people to collaborate with others remotely. The basic idea is that someone starts a jam and invites others to join in. Each participant’s adds a part and the music grows and changes with each contribution. The software keeps a record of the progress allowing you to go back and split off from different places it you want.

More detail here:
And here:

ADDED: If you are looking for others to share a jam with, you can do that here.
EDIT: Fixed broken link to video, somebody made a switcheroo.


Been on the beta. It’s alot of fun and I see great potential in this app.


This looks hellafun especially for those of us with mates scattered across the place.

Haven’t come across this one until now. Can see lots of potential especially if they get audio import (rather than live playing) and stuff implemented (imagine the potential Elektron groups).

Is one able to download the beta version or was that something you had to sign up for early on? Def want to try it out asap!

Wow this is really awesome, thanks for sharing @Jukka !
I really enjoy these cooperative creative platforms that have been arising here and there… great potential

Endlesss is a lot of fun!

I have created an Endlesss jam for the Elektronauts community. Here is the invite:


I suggest to keep this thread for new invites in the future. Endlesss could be a great way to share ideas, techniques, and inspiration!

Tried the app from the early beta, by the way I never did a collaborative jam with it.

Now I’ve joined the group, found some riffs already there and started from them my owns.
That thing is mental, I sat under the sun on the bench on my balcony… loosing track of time!

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Join the Endlesss Elektronauts community!


Shout out to Technobear & Rics for their jams!

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Join the Endlesss Elektronauts jams!

Kickstarter for Endless Studio Announced

Endlesss Studio, a MacOS/Windows standalone app & VST/AU plugin version of Endlesss.

link : Endlesss Studio - Jam with other musicians live from your DAW

now you’re reserving a ‘super early bird’ offer , which is up to 60% off

$ 89 (KS = $129) includes
Endless Studio
1 year subscription (lossless audio export, full jam history, infinite pack)
access to beta (may 2021)

$ 199 (KS = $299) includes
Endless Studio
lifetime subscription (lossless audio export, full jam historyinfinite pack)
access to alpha (dec 2020)
access to beta (may 2021)

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Very promising!

Today at Endlesss Elektronauts!

hii Anyone tried the Endless app? I tried it last night :star_struck: (limited time for free)
This app is fun, :black_heart: you also can link it to Ableton or connect one machine if I am correct, i still have to look into that

(For the moment only for Iphone/ipad)
Stay safe <3 Kind regards, A.

Endlesss is a free-to-use collaborative music studio with built in drums, synths, fx and much more. Easy to get started for the novice electronic musician with boundless opportunities for the seasoned creative.

Quickly layer loops and beats to create ever evolving soundscapes. Intuitive workflow fine-tuned to keep you locked in the groove and express your musical creativity - alone or together with others.

  • Make amazing beats & music alone or together using a unique creative workflow

  • Dive into community jams or create your own jams and invite friends

  • Watch, listen and chat with featured artists and the Endlesss community

  • Easily share your creations with the world


  • Simple, powerful pads, sounds and FX help you make pro-quality music instantly

  • Create, share and remix loops in seconds - build tracks worth of content in minutes

  • Play a growing library of sound packs & instruments


  • Remix your own and other people’s loops with powerful DJ-style performance FX

  • Layer up vocals or real-world instruments using your mic

  • Creatively re-sample your own and others layers with the Sampler instrument


  • Plug in external synths, guitars, vocal mics, drum machines or eurorack

  • Use Ableton Link to sync up with other apps, DAWs and Link-enabled devices


  • 8-channel retrospective looper with intuitive interface for making loops of various sizes and optimised for speed and creativity

  • No limit on loops or jams created - create as much as you want alone or together with your friends.

  • Multiple high quality synth, bass and drum packs to get you started.

  • FX pack with 12 core effects such as reverb, delay, distortion and low/high-pass filters.

  • Input from microphone or external instruments

  • Extensive key / scale, tempo, time signature and quantisation settings

  • Connect to DAWs and Link-enabled devices

  • Export to movie or to stems for editing and processing outside Endlesss


I’ve downloaded it and am eager to use it.

With Jamie Lidell endorsing it, as it comes from Tim Exile’s brain, it’s hard not to want to check it out. :slight_smile:


I will meet you there to jam later this evening :alien:


I wrote about it on the forum here a few months back and nobody seemed to really care.

Maybe things changed a bit :totes:

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Oh i didn’ t know :raised_hands:

No worries, your post is more specific! We will keep it.

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I love endlesss,
I was actually quite skeptical at first, - but been playing with its since yesterday , and its a lot of fun, and really quick and simple to use.

whats great about it, is you can easily integrate your existing gear into it!

this was my little setup today… for a jam I was creating to share/collaborate with the AE modular community…

ideas was simple create a jam and seed it with some material (riffs), then let them fly with it,
see where it goes…

btw: the Octatrack is a lot of fun with endlesss too, take bits of a riff, mangle it… chuck that back into the pool :slight_smile:


I can’t login! :cry: recognises my email but won’t “authenticate”. Messaged them, hopefully sorted soon.