I’m just tyre kicking here, but could you say why you’re selling? I’ve seen a few recently and was wondering if there was something about this that people didn’t gel with or like. On paper it does seem pretty amazing



Fair question. Honest answer is it was a bit of an ‘on a whim’ purchase because I had some cash available from a big eurorack clearout.

I also bought a Novation Peak around the same time, and I’m just enjoying that more. So I don’t see myself spending too much time getting to know the Medusa.

It sounds great. The grid is a neat idea. But something about it just didn’t quite click for me and I decided not to keep both.

Let me know if you’re interested.




Fair play. It’s good to know when something isn’t right and move on. And if you’ve got a peak, makes sense to keep that and move on





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