End of 2019 jams #4 online! // idm/electronica with Digitakt, Digitone, DB4, Dominion 1

Hi fellow enthousiasts,

After an emotional year where many great things happened at the same time, I decided to jam it out until the end of the year. Worked hard this year to share as much knowledge and blogs as I can and all the whole dealing with a loss. Now it’s time to relax and jam and let the emotions flow. I’ll post all of them in this topic.

Here’s the first one. It’s a deep dark dubby dream. Enjoy.






Ps. Really love this forum. The vibe here continuous to be great. In all the years roaming forums, this certainly has been the nicest community of all. Thanks for that.



Nicely done, digging this

Amen to that brother


Yas Dave. Great way to round out the year. Life keeps happening.

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Thank you Simon !

certainly. Creating music is a great way to deal with it all.

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This is a great deep journey Dave. Loving it ! Sorry for your loss but glad that you had some great things happen to help lift you through . Inwards and upwards…

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Thank you zero :slight_smile: yeah I’m very happy to have this passion for music and to have found so many kind like minded people on- and offline.

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Hi everyone, here’s end of 2019 jam #2. A Moogish Berlinish Groovish Techno track with Digitakt Digitone and Dominion 1. Enjoy.


A new end of 2019 jam online! This time a bit more experimental. What would you call this?
I tried this thing where i created a kick with the dominion 1 and in stead of keeping it steady tried to play with it to make the kick a more dynamic part of the track. What do you think of this idea?


Really like those flicking (clicks/hihats) or whatever you want to call them. The ones that come in before the actually hihats. Has a nice groove. Great jam.

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,
Got a new jam online. Created an idm/electronica track (live recording) with Digitakt, Digitone and Dominion 1. Hope you enjoy this one. And happy holidays :slight_smile:

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