Emulating the rhodes piano sound with AK/A4

I’m curious if anyone has managed to create a patch that sounds similar to a Rhodes piano with the Analog Keys or Analog Four? My attempts thus far have come up short. I start with a fresh sound and set OSC1 to a square wave and OSC2 to a triangle and send it two octaves up for the tine overtone. It gets close but lacks bottom end and I seem to screw it up when fiddling with the envelope.

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I’ve made some sounds that are close to that sound. I’ll have a look at the settings I used if you are interested. Here are some examples.




Awesome :smiley_cat:

Sorry but I would say you are closer to an organ sound than a Rhodes, wich is more difficult to obtain. You need to use fm like in DX7 to be closer. I love Rhodes sound and the best I could hear was layered samples to emulate it (Nord Electro…).
Anyway we can work on it, it’s a really good subject to improve knowledge on synthesis in A4.


From my side I want the parameters used for the sound posted above.

Yeah man, those sound great.

Thanks a lot!
I’m working on whole new batch of sounds at the moment.

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Floppydisk Pirates free patch :

[Free Patches] AK/A4 MKI&MKII



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On a complete sidenote: I think the minilogue does absolutely wonderful electric piano sound. It‘s fuzzy, buzzy, phazey character somehow is reminiscent of the sound of strings ringing out in a piano

I precise it’s not mine, just in case! I think it can be improved, maybe with an envelope on resonance, keytrack.

Would be interesting to hear it…

@sezare I‘ll post a quick recording tonight

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That sounds really good!

The @Floppydisk_Pirates, is a really good base.
I think the most subtle / particular thing is in the Osc2 Page 2 :
Sync 1>2, with Osc1 pitch-12 and Osc pitch +8

I modified it and I’m pretty satisfied with the results. Possible to spend hours on it! I hope to improve it and be able to start from scratch after…
A big keyboard with correct velocity helps!

I chose 2 TRI wave instead of transistor pulse, more noize / resonance on Velocity Mod, shorter fade out for noize, sustain at 0, more decay, more keytrack for filter 1…


Hi, sorry for the late response… I had the Minilogue packed away for a while.
I listened to my piano sounds on there today and they are not as good/close to an electric piano as I remembered, but rather still distinctly synthetic.

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Do you have the patch to share? The floppy disk website is down :frowning:

Probably, I have to check. I think I improved it, but I may have original free patches. Don’t hesitate to remind me…



To early ! A4 not plugged, nor computer, and it’s too late ! :wink:

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I forgot that you were overseas.

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