Emulating Dinky's Taiko with AR

Thanks a lot @Inward.
16 minutes is a lot…will give us penty to work on. Hopefully the recoding is good quality and there are enough space between each sound. I trust you :wink:

You can put it on any cooud service like: https://wetransfer.com
And come back with the link!

We thank you again for your work!

Well let me know if the quality isn’t to your liking. It went through the heat so it should be fine.

This is the download link: https://we.tl/ie3epN32fs


I’m doing that right now. How’s about some sample chains, folks?! :wink:


674 sample hits in all.

That will make at least 5 Rytm sample chains with 120 slices. :slight_smile:


Have fun guys. Anything missing let me know…

Thanks to @Inward for recording these. I know this will make @klerc’s day. :wink:

I’ve cropped, normalized, and separated them into 674 16bit, 48khz mono .wavs for Analog Rytm import. All of which are included in the .zip

For sample chain building I subtracted the shortest 74 samples (mostly just little “clicks”), to come to 600 samples, all of which went into the construction of five 120-slice sample chains for Analog Rytm.

Download all the individual hits, and the chains in this .zip : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9wFSwCsTGD6aGtwVUh5bERTa1U

If you only want to download individual chains, they are in the files section at https://www.elektronauts.com/files

The chains are numbered according to decay length. This makes for more efficient chains with less silence between hits.

“Dinkys1” having the shortest sample hits, all in a single chain.
“Dinkys5” having the longest sample hits, all in a single chain.

The chains range from 3.9MB to 11.6MB in file size, so be patient when transferring to Rytm (I recommend using SDS Drop if you have a Mac)
Sure, I could have made 10 smaller chains of 60 slices each, and probably saved a MB in cumulative file size. But with the 120 slice chain, you can use the LFO on the STRT parameter and get weird. Please get weird.


Wow! It feels like Christmas this morning with all these shiny new toys :santa:
I have quickly previewed the samples/chains and they sound awesome.

Big thanks to @Inward for the recordings and @AdamJay for the editing (very fast btw).
It is a long and tedious job and they did it without asking anything, just for the benefit of the community. That’s what elektronauts is all about.

Now it is our duty to have fun with these samples and make some good music!


wow. thanks guys. that’s really great

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Oh wow, thanks so much to you both.

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Thaaaaank you both for your excellent work!

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What a cool bunch of sounds! Damn I’m impressed how versatile that thing is. Can we use these in productions? Are they copyleft in some way?

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That’s a good question, one I have been thinking about myself. Maybe somebody has an idea here about copylaw regarding using samples of this module. Anyway glad you like the sounds, it is indeed a very versatile little beast. I can only reccomend it. Maybe I’ll post what I have been doing with it.

If you own the module, you can do whatever you want with the sounds it makes. You could charge €1,000,000 for this pack if you wanted to. The makers copyright is on the hardware, not on the noises it makes!

Cool thanks for the info. I would say: Go nuts people!


Thx guys!

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thanks everyone - good colab!

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Hi guys, Ive uploaded the song I’ve been working on with the dinky on soundcloud

please be gentile…but also please listen…


For those with an Octatrack, I made Octatrack chains as well.

They are in the FILES section here on Elektronauts.

There are 10 total chains. All are 64 slice.



Just want to say thanks so much for these…they were really helpful for me when I got an Octatrack as I had no clue what I was doing and really wanted some ‘gitchy’ sounds.
Here’s a vid of me randomly throwing them into a live jam.
Cheers kidda

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