Emulating Dinky's Taiko with AR


Dear elektronauts,

I am trying to emulate the Dinky’s Taiko eurrorack module with my AR. Main reasons are that I love the sound but hate the cost and lack of memory patch.

Here is a describrion of the sound architecture:
“The drum voice consists of 3 parts; a digital noise source with controllable frequency and release time, a wavetable oscillator with start and end frequency settings together with a variable rate (and release time) , and finally a mix and tone control for the audio output. All settings, bar the tone control, are both direct and voltage controllable”

Based on that the AR seems really suitable.

  1. The noise won’t be digital but analog but it will do.
  2. The wavetable will be a chain sample.
  3. The voice other parameters will complete the sound construction.

Now, to test and experiment with it, I need the wavetable (or samplechain in this case). Do someone have it or a similar one?

Is there any other techique to recreate/emulate FM drums sounds with AR?



is it a specific wavetable you’re looking for or ‘any’ will do? maybe there’s something in the files section already?[quote=“klerc, post:1, topic:35165”]
Is there any other techique to recreate/emulate FM drums sounds with AR?

…the AR already has FM synthesis for the drums

edit: oops sorry: ‘any other technique’ …


As close as possible as the Dinky’s Taiko…
I have already found FM drum sound samples.

Yes. AR FM synthesis doesn’t do it for me.
My ultimate target is to have a more Dinky’s Taiko sound.


If you use layering, you can get the noise from another track? Then it will be digital, with the noise machine that is


Two different beasts. It’s going to be hard to emulate a fully-digital eurorack module with lots of modulation inputs, with the AR.

Still, there’s lots of potential in the FM sounds and filter modulation at audio-rates!

LFO target: TUN or FILT frequency
WAV should be saw, tri, or sin
Set MUL to 1k or 2k.
FAD should be short, maybe +48 or +24
Adjust the SPD parameter
Adjust the DEP parameter

With these basic settings, you can can take any of AR’s sounds into FM-ish territory.
Experiment with VOL, OVR as the target for AM.

Of course, parameter settings such as these work great with samples. Mess around with STA/END and TUN parameters.



I have one. If you want I can sample from it. I’'ve just finished using it for a song so I can take time(meaning pulling all the cables out) and sample it. Let me know.


if you could do that, that would be FANTASTIC! Thanks. :slight_smile:


Do you need it fast? i don’t want to pull the cables out until I’m absolutely sure I don’t need to record again. Maybe after this weekend. Maybe till next weekend if I don’t have enough time. Kind of depends how much more work I have on this track(but almost finished).


Take your time. No rush. It is already really nice of you to do it
And good luck with your track! :sunglasses:


I would also be interested in these samples…


Me too! And that track. :slight_smile:


No problem everyone can have them. The track is another story. I am writing an album so I don’t know if it’s the right time for that. I would rather sample it if it’s almost ready. I’ll think about it.


Too anyone interested, I’ve just recorded 16 minutes of knobtweaking on my Dinky. Is there a good way to put it online where everyone can grab it? Mind you I didn’t chop them up in different wave samples, that will be your job :). Thats very timeconsuming and actually recording is as far as I will go, I hope thats allright.


Thanks a lot @Inward.
16 minutes is a lot…will give us penty to work on. Hopefully the recoding is good quality and there are enough space between each sound. I trust you :wink:

You can put it on any cooud service like: https://wetransfer.com
And come back with the link!

We thank you again for your work!


Well let me know if the quality isn’t to your liking. It went through the heat so it should be fine.


This is the download link: https://we.tl/ie3epN32fs


I’m doing that right now. How’s about some sample chains, folks?! :wink:


674 sample hits in all.

That will make at least 5 Rytm sample chains with 120 slices. :slight_smile:


Have fun guys. Anything missing let me know…


Thanks to @Inward for recording these. I know this will make @klerc’s day. :wink:

I’ve cropped, normalized, and separated them into 674 16bit, 48khz mono .wavs for Analog Rytm import. All of which are included in the .zip

For sample chain building I subtracted the shortest 74 samples (mostly just little “clicks”), to come to 600 samples, all of which went into the construction of five 120-slice sample chains for Analog Rytm.

Download all the individual hits, and the chains in this .zip : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9wFSwCsTGD6aGtwVUh5bERTa1U

If you only want to download individual chains, they are in the files section at https://www.elektronauts.com/files

The chains are numbered according to decay length. This makes for more efficient chains with less silence between hits.

“Dinkys1” having the shortest sample hits, all in a single chain.
“Dinkys5” having the longest sample hits, all in a single chain.

The chains range from 3.9MB to 11.6MB in file size, so be patient when transferring to Rytm (I recommend using SDS Drop if you have a Mac)
Sure, I could have made 10 smaller chains of 60 slices each, and probably saved a MB in cumulative file size. But with the 120 slice chain, you can use the LFO on the STRT parameter and get weird. Please get weird.