Empty Reset / Initialize


Hey guys, i tried a empty reset but its not emptying all. the factory presets stay. why´s that? got a MD and a OCTA. with them it worked perfectly fine.
is there smth new i missed?
checked the manuel and didnt find smth.
i want a completeley empty and “initalized” A4 to start to prgram and arrange thing how i like to :slight_smile:

Analog Keys Initialize everything?

Hi, Empty Reset is easy: Switch the A4 off, Hold Function and switch the A4 on again. Than press sequencer step 2.

All pre-performed patterns are deleted.

To get them back do the same but press sequencer step 3 (factory reset).


To reset all data (presets and banks) go to system menu & format the +drive (Projects+Sounds (yes) erase selected data (yes) )

This will erase all data (all data, so backup first!)
After that reboot into the early start up menu (FN-POWER ON) and do a empty reset (2. Seq button) to reset the active project.
You can easily re-set the reset, but only the factory presets and banks, in the FN+Power ON menu (Factory reset) :wink:

Have fun.


What am I missing here, I’ve searched on here and read the menu but I don’t see how to initialize everything completely?

I just want to turn the thing on and have it completely blank so to speak. No sounds, no patterns, no sequences, everything set to zero so I can start building a sound from there.


If you want to just create a new project:


If you want to initialize the complete +DRIVE (deletes complete content):



Offers the possibility to erase all content, all projects, and sounds, stored on the +Drive. A prompt will ap-pear asking if the formatting procedure should be executed. Press [YES] to proceed with the formatting.


The post was actually merged here (to one of the existing topics on initialization), by way of an implicit answer


I’ve edited my post to take that into account :slight_smile: