Empress Zoia


Haha! Yeah, it’s gotta be hard for these companies. Some (most?) folks want very small and portable, which makes sense, especially if you’re trying to fit lots of gear on one desk. I tend to like fewer, but chunkier pieces. It won’t stop me from buying a Zoia from what I’ve seen :slight_smile:


Empress is planning on shipping Zoia units on April 15th 2019


Notice the date that this video was released!

There are lots more videos through this link.


Yeah… just ordered one. I was looking at the OP-Z but saw the videos on YouTube. Couldn’t not have one!


Yes. Yesyesyes. Had gone numb to this pedal after the second deadline passed for fear of being disappointed again.

Congratulations Steve and the Empress team. I could see from IG and NAMM vids (and now that Zoia film above) it was no small feat and patience had worn thin. I hope it works out well for ya’ll.

Now influencers: less talk and more FX processing please! Like the last video on that page.


Still not available at my usual store here in Europe but I’m definitely getting one as soon as it is.

I’ve been crazy for this thing ever since the first videos that were released, but I’m totally sold after seeing Oprah listed under the “Bad Robots” list in the promo video :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Hey now Oprah was on both sides!!


Hahahahahaha you’re right!!!



So is this effectively something like a new Nord Modular? At least in theory?


can it be my poly rhythmic looping device? not that I ever will find the time to design my own instruments though…


Mmmm I would let the resident Nord Modular experts answer definitively, but I would say definitely similar

except editor, I think less memory for modules, no pots (I don’t think the buttons are velocity sensitive or anything) and probably other things

BUT with looper. Which puts it above the Nord for me. I don’t see “file player”…

YET. The other advantage is that this is current while Nord has given up on theirs.


I mean…probably. Multiple looper modules…maybe with multiple sequences connected…

Check out the “module list” to see the ins and outs of the modules.


Can’t wait to watch this fill up:



it’s a cool idea overall, but since it depends so much on a screen, why not:

  1. make a bigger, more comfortable to look at screen
  2. make the effort and come op with an actual UI, not just lists with text.

It may be just me, but I’m so tired of “quirky” devices as this, the organelle or the new 1010 sampling box. With so much choice, in 2019 companies should focus more on comfort / usability and overall industrial design.

rant over


It would probably jack up the price. Plus that is Empress’ usual form factor. I’ll probably be fine with it. It gets the job done. The pretty colors more than make up for the boring UI.


I enjoy this guys presentation style:


Distorsions as well !
Oh my :heart_eyes_cat:

So this is a small multiFX with endless possibilities through free routing, and gorgeous sounding…

I told myself no more synth, but this isn’t REALLY a synth, is it?


Wow, this looks really good too. There really is so much good new stuff being released these days that I’m feeling like a rabbit in the headlights… headlights of synthesisation!!!


The mod duo looks interesting , a newer version with more buttons / encoders is coming.

It costs more though.