Empress Zoia

Very intrigued by this now after successfully resisting for a bit…

Question: would I be able to build a 4-5 track looper that allows for independent track length but has them quantized/ synced on quarter (any) notes ?

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Absolutely :cool:

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Oh no! :loopy:

Thanks! How is the quantized handled? From what i gather there is a quantized cv module - but that’s only for note pitch? ( how I understand it)

Nice… It definitely doesn’t have to be the “best” reverb but I was a little wary of purchasing if it were an “afterthought” as the primary function is its creative programming power. Reviews on Youtube sounded good but I prefer getting opinions for actual users.

Regarding the algos not being ‘the best’… The guys at Empress are working on updates for ZOIA constantly; if something is a bit out of whack or they can make it better, I’m getting the impression that they can and will.

I used an external reverb pedal (SA Ventris) because I want to use the ZOIA’s power for looping/granular effects. If I had to have a single pedal for a gig, though, I’d be quite happy to take ZOIA out for a ride.


There’s a clock divider which you could use to pass quantised triggers at a gate (I think). My understanding of some aspects of synth logic isn’t super hot, but if you can suss out a basic ‘IF’ statement or some boolean functions on paper, you should be able to string some modules together to make it do what you want. There is definitely more than one way to skin a cat with this box.

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I don’t own a zoia but usually time quantization is achieved with a sample&hold.

beauty day eh’ ? =)
thanks, on further thought I figured it could work like this… wonder if onset events (incoming audio) can trigger record but still can be quantized on top of it?
I’m thinking of a threshold based loop punch-in and a stompswitch or midi based based punch-out, ideally all within some quantized boundaries …
one more: the 16sec loop limit is per looper module or do multiple looper modules share a total of 16sec?
are looper modules heavy on the CPU? I’d like to cascade some…

Per looper: I’ve got a patch set up with four separate loopers each running 16s. Since v1.30, they don’t seem to be massively CPU intensive… maybe topping out at 25%/30% when I’ve got full loopage going on!


Team: a quick question. Can anyone confirm if the routing on the unit will automatically pass LEFT IN to LEFT OUT and RIGHT IN to RIGHT OUT, thereby making a pass-through for any signal run in that LI > LO > RI > RO configuration?

I’ve set it up and have patched the outputs together (as you would) but when I bypassed it, the effects in the ‘loop’ are still sounding. Not complaining if it’s a feature…

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Are you talking about when you have engaged the bypass switch? or something different?

Thanks for the insight, I’m getting a little too excited about this device now

Each looper, or 4 loopers ?

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All the loopers! I wasn’t processing anything else or doing much do them, though.


Both active and bypassed. I’m pretty sure if you plug in a series loop it’s not an anomaly that it passes signals straight through.

Thanks !

Has this already been shared? I stumbled onto it on the ZOIA Reddit…


I’m really impressed by the customer service at Empress, I got an email from them today noting that I had registered a Zoia a few weeks back and asking how I’m getting along with it and if I had any questions, I replied stating my satisfaction with the Zoia and that I am still very much in the exploratory phase (due to lack of time for various reasons that I did not go into) and I made a suggestion about an idea for some future video tutorials, I got a reply thanking me and that the suggestion will be kept in mind, and also if I needed any help just to ask. 10/10 @empress_effects


Same experience here, absolutely top notch. Especially considering how small their company is, I’d imagine the amount of replies that need answering from these emails is astronomical. It’s impressive that they’re welcoming that work.

Empress for the win :thup:


I experienced the same; really great communication. They reached out, asked for feedback, I obliged, they came back with a thank you. So good. Much love for the Empress team!

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