Empress Zoia


Yes! Thank you! Can’t wait for my Zoia to arrive tomorrow


Overdubbing transforms the usefulness of the 4 loopers. If empress plan to maintain a growing library of modules Zoia looks very promising.
I wonder will they ever provide a lower level IDE to allow user coding of modules, taking it into axoloti/organelle territory?
Or flash the firmware to load up Orac 2.0!


Hot damn! The question of whether to buy a Zoia has changed.

Should I?
How many? :joy:

Looks like deserved success for such a great product, hats off to @empress_effects for pulling this off, now can we get some in the UK plz :wink:


Aaaand ordered one. Can’t wait to introduze miss Z to her bigger-grid sister Deluge.


I can really feel with you. This little modular box of effects crawled from the bottom of my shopping list all the way up to rank 1.


From this

To this


[excitement builds]


I’ve had my Zoia for two days. It’s a clever little device and I can very well see it defining a whole new category. In fact, it feels a little like something Elektron could have come up with. Usability is ok-ish, but considering the fact it does something that Live/Max could do, too, it also feels a little cumbersome. Why they had to put it into a guitar pedal is beyond me, but that’s not a big deal. I have yet to decide whether it’s a keeper.


Not yet having laid hands on it, i’m most interested by it’s interface’s capability to allow patching on the box itself and that there are already a sufficient number of modules inside to allow creative approximations and variations of great ideas without needing a PC editor.

I hope it is widely adopted and encourages empress to keep up the active support and community development. Introduction of further clever but simple modules can allow users great leaps in new patch designs. I’d love to see a custom module designer app enabling DSP and logic programming … that could render the Zoia near immune from obsolescence and help the community effort to thrive.


Because they are a guitar pedal company, but that brings up a great point. A larger format verison would get a shit load of attention.


What about the provided algos for delay , reverb , chorus any good ?
I think that’s what differentiates the Zoia from Max or PD or the Axoloti etc.


Hmm, wonder if there is space to swap out the stomp switches for some more suited to desktop use, arcade buttons? :rofl:


I’ve a few of the plastic pedal button caps



I like that its size. if it were any bigger that would up the price and then I would question selling my OT and I just don’t need that anxiety :slight_smile:


Never knew those existed, thanks!



What’s Zoia: 3PDT or SPST?


I’ve got cheapie Mooer plastic caps.

The barefoot metals looks great, but kind of pricey. Zoia might deserve metal …


Just measured and they are 3/8" in diameter, so you’ll want Version 1 buttons.


So far I’m really enjoying the Zoia and can absolutely see the potential, but I think one area that impedes my own creativity a little is the “explorability” of the modules. One thing that I liked most about my very modest Eurorack modular setup was the ease with which I could just throw a patch between an input and an output and go to town without really knowing what I was doing. The Zoia interface does a good job of facilitating patches when you know what you’re doing, but less so (IMO) when you don’t and just want to explore. The included patches help here, for sure, but for exploring “from scratch”, it seems like you have to have at least some sort of goal in mind.

Don’t get me wrong, my Zoia isn’t going anywhere :slight_smile:, but I do find I need a little more inspiration before sitting down in front of it than I needed with a Eurorack setup.

EDIT: One thing to add is that the Zoia replaced an H9 Max as a permanent desktop effects module and I couldn’t be happier with the routing flexibility and the amount of great-sounding effects on tap.


I’ve made a lil printable pdf out of the Zoia’s Module Index. I was having a hard time with the giant spreadsheet thing. It’s available for download here.


Hoping this helps someone! Still loving the Zoia btw, I’m barely scratching the surface making patches from scratch and I’m already absolutely convinced it’s fucking magic :thup: