Empress Zoia


Yep, you can hear filter pinging on that “phasic fog” track I just posted. Turn the filter frequency down and the filter Q up, and you get resonant pinging to your heart’s content.


Thanks @vaporlanes good to know and nice track!


Thanks re5et.
Finally happen across this – Andreas really shows what the Zoia can do in this.


Seems really good for both. I even used a VCA to give a dynamic mic input enough gain for vocals, and there was no noise! Mic was going in via an XLR to 1/4 cable, a method that never worked very well on my Octatrack.

So far I’ve tried stereo line in from my Deluge, the above vocal setup, and guitar, and all have been great.


I love this track. How were you kicking off the loopers? What’s the synth line being played by? It sounds pretty random…


I’m fighting the GAS on this one. It is proving challenging



Thanks! I kicked off all four loopers manually before recording, they’re all microseconds apart from each other giving them that smeared effect. Synth line is an OB-6 I was improvising on by hand, affected by Bitwig 3’s FX grid. Not random, just me trying to sound a bit floaty and disconnected :slight_smile:


Very nice!


Ah, nice. I can’t get over how damn flexible the machine is! I just need to find more time to play with it…

(Following you on SC now, too!)


I just got mine a few days ago and haven’t had as much time as I’d like to dig in, but I am really impressed so far. Lots of happy accidents and endless creative potential. It just might be the effect that allows me to sell off all of my other effects :aw:

It’s also the first pedal I’ve ever plugged my Rev 2 into and not ran into clipping with. Even with Strymon pedals I have to back off the gain a fair amount, so that’s nice.

Am I dumb or is there no overdub functionality on the looper module? I think I can create something to work around that, but it seems like a strange omission. Am I missing something there?


Still in love :wink: It is hard to think of why i would sell this pedal:

  • the reverb is very good;
  • I also really like the repitch results
  • Quite stable firmware (only one crash due to overload the system, and in the older firmware);
  • Easy to understand, patch, etc.
  • Haven´t had time to analyze critically all the other fx, but i am going to guess that are equally good.

If anything i would consider to buy another one, and maybe a specific midi pedal controller to have more knobs and switches.


Overdub not working is a known bug in the looper module. They’re working on a fix for the next firmware update.


Looking forward to that!

I’ve been having fun this morning connecting an expression pedal and setting it to control loop length, speed and dry/wet mix of various FX. This may be obvious to the more technical among you, but I was pretty pleased when I stumbled upon this: Connecting a Cport Exp/CV In module (which receives the output of an expression pedal) to the input of a CV Rectify module, and then the output of that module to what you want to control, ‘flips’ the polarity of the CV signal, so for example 0.25 becomes -0.25. This is very useful when you want to use an expression pedal for more than one thing, and need values to go negative.

It’s interesting how you can’t just set a signal’s connection strength to a negative value to achieve the same thing, but maybe there’s a technical reason for that.


Good to know, thank you :thup:


Maybe hang on to your other effects just a bit longer. Some of the Zoia reverbs apparently consume a lot of CPU, so it might be handy to have other boxes around to offload FX duties when the Zoia has a heavy CPU load.

Zoia will probably be my next pedal acquisition but it’ll be in partnership w/ my H9 and Infinite Jets rather than replacement for either one. I would however like to see if I can use to Zoia to convince myself to not get a Gamechanger Audio Plus pedal :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’ve already begun investigation of Freeze/SuperEgo/Plus type functionality in the H9 and look forward to doing the same on the Zoia.


Have been trying to find information about midi capabilities but couldn’t find a direct answer.

Would it be possible to set up zoia patches so that I could arrange the patches in particular order for a gig and when I change the zoia patch, zoia would outout midi pc and/or cc to change patches on my synth(s)? Would be also fantastic if I could have my mod pedal connected to zoia and per patch select if it would be routed to synths or zoia itself? I guess it could also be set up for Deluge looper control (once the new firmware is out) with foot switches, right?

Don’t know if I’m dreaming too much, but is it the magic box I would sell my liver for?


Manual says it will respond to MIDI Program Change at least



Just head over to the Zoia Product Page and examine the modules list on the right side (you need to scroll down a bit).

Under interface modules you’ll find the following MIDI modules:

  • Midi Notes in
  • Midi CC in
  • Midi Pressure
  • Midi CC out
  • Midi PC out
  • Midi Note Out

… and when you hoover over the module name you’ll get a description. “MIDI PC in” isn’t a module itself, but PCs can be received by the ZOIA to switch patches.

IMHO it should be possible to send Program Changes when a patch gets loaded on the Zoia.

Btw, that sounds like a great idea controlling at least part of the gear from the Zoia. Send a single PC to the Zoia (or use the footswitch) and the Zoia sets up (for example) its co-pedals. So in a way it becomes the Master of the pedal board …


There is a reason, but it’s not a great one. The connection strengths are logarithmic so they can’t go negative. You’re using CV rectify exactly how it was meant to be used :slight_smile:


I’m thinking of switching up my Deco to do exactly that (still want to test the two together). Do you think an H9 Core would suffice? Any others you’d recommend as a kind of end-of-chain pairing?