Empress Zoia


Hi Captain8! There is no sample player yet. Only looper that stores samples with max 16 seconds on buffer, only while you are using that patch.


thank you


curious, why does he say that it’s like a monome, is it just the look he is referring too?


To those who already have it, does it come with a power supply and the SD card? I don’t think it will come with a power supply, like any other guitar pedal, but I’m curious about the SD. It can operate without it, though?


Great write-ups. Thank you very much for that. Gets me more excited.

  • Bold statement wrt eventide reverb. I’m mainly missing a good reverb in fx chain so this comes very much welcomed.

  • YES on the distortion modules. Every time someone used them in videos I was pleasantly suprised by how nice they sounded (agreed don’t usually like digital distortion)

  • have you noticed any bugs?

I have always been looking for an wild external fx to complement the capabilities of my OT. Close to buying an H9 once or twice; had my eye on the various open source units; iPad is OK. This is looking more and more like it can scratch that itch. Properly stoked.


BTW-FWIW Prymaxe hasn’t actually shipped yet. Just printed packing slips. Mine’s still in NJ and hasn’t reached the post office yet according to tracking. Not that I’m watching carefully or nothin’. Heh.


Thanks for your impressions! Mine’s getting here tomorrow. mmmmmmmmmmYEAH!


anyone know what would be the easiest way to use headphones with the zoia for portable standalone use?

id totally overlooked it not having a headphone out :smile:

I’m guessing some kinda minii headphone amp, or into the digitone or somink. Any ideas?


Totally doable with a simple breakout cable. Check their IG for an example.


awesome, nice one @xidnpnlss


Ordered it from a Swedish site called tg11 today.
Ordered 12:59, shipped 13:19. Now that’s good service!



You are exactly on the same position as i was. Tried a lot of times to buy an h9, but i´m happy i never did. If you compared H9 and Zoia, Zoia have more possibilities and the button matrix also acts has a controller - it can, for example, record and play loops. Obviously the quality of the fx on the eventide is also very good, but my main concern with the Zoia was gone when i heard how good it sound.

I haven´t found any bugs yet. There was a time where i saved a patch and it seemed that it saved with diferent parameters but that only happen once so it was probably user error.


Enjoy! :wink:


Great stuff. What a relief to have something so complex be bug free. Probably why it took ages to release, but in the end, won’t spend additional time frustrated.


They have this one on their facebook page.

Don´t have it yet so i don´t know if it´s any good or not.



Yes, so far so good, buuuuut i haven´t really tested it a lot :slight_smile:


It comes with manual, sd 8gb and midi adapter. No power supply.


You are a true hero.

Adapters for both Midi In/Out?


Here’s a live stream from yesterday from collector//emitter, making patches from scratch around 18min in:


Yes :slight_smile: